Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Microsoft unveils Windows Vista

Gloabal IT giant Microsoft today introduced the retail version of Windows Vista and 2007 office system. Microsoft aims to reach 18 millions customers in a month.

Windows Vista will be sold in India through 1500 outlets and is priced comparably with its last offering Windows XP,Microsoft India Chairman Ravi Venkatesan told a news conference at Mumbai.

The Genuine Windows Vista Loaded PCs in India will retail at a starting price of Rs.22,000 while Microsoft 2007 Office consumer edition starts at Rs.6000.

Windows Vista is available in 4 editions which are,

  • Windows Vista Ultimate

  • Windows Vista Home Premium

  • Windows Vista Home Basic

  • Windows Vista Starter

The Mcrosoft 2007 Office is available in 2 editions which are,

  • Office Home & Student 2007

  • Office Basic 2007

The differentiation in the latest OS is on 4 counts of Search,Security,Connectivity and Usage,Microsft India MD Neelam Dhawan said.

The company has already sold nearly 9 lakh licensed editions to corporates.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Gmail keyboard shortcuts

  • C: Compose new message.
  • Shift + C: Open new window to compose new message.
  • Slash (/): Switch focus to search box.
  • K: Switch focus to the next most recent email. Enter or “O” opens focused email.
  • J: Switch focus to the next oldest email.
  • N: Switch focus to the next message in the “conversation.” Enter or “O” expands/collapses
  • messages.
    P: Switch focus to the previous message.
  • U: Takes you back to the inbox and checks for new mail.
  • Y: Various actions depending on current view:
  • Has no effect in “Sent” and “All Mail” views.
  • Inbox: Archive email or message.
  • Starred: Unstar email or message.
  • Spam: Unmark as spam and move back to “Inbox.”
  • Trash: Move back to “Inbox.”
  • Any label: Remove the label.
  • X: “Check” an email. Various actions can be performed against all checked emails.
  • S: “Star” an email. Identical to the more familiar term, “flagging.”
  • R: Reply to the email.
  • A: Reply to all recipients of the email.
  • F: Forward an email.
  • Shift + R: Reply to the email in a new window.
  • Shift + A: Reply to all recipients of the email in a new window.
  • Shift + F: Forward an email in a new window.
  • Shift + 1 (!): Mark an email as spam and remove it from the inbox.
  • G then I: Switch to “Inbox” view.
  • G then S: Switch to “Starred” view.
  • G then A: Switch to “All Mail” view.
  • G then C: Switch to “Contacts” view.
  • G then S: Switch to “Drafts” view.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

This day in history: 28th January

1986: Explosion of the space shuttle Challenger.

On this day in 1986, the U.S. space shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds after its liftoff from Florida, killing all seven aboard, including a schoolteacher who was the first private citizen to fly on a shuttle.

Congress created the U.S. Coast Guard by combining the Revenue Cutter Service with the U.S. Lifesaving Service.

American painter Jackson Pollock, a leading exponent of Abstract Expressionism who received widespread publicity and serious recognition for the radical poured, or “drip,” technique he used to create his major works, was born.

Russian novelist and short-story writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky died in St. Petersburg.


French writer Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette was born in Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye.

The French capital, Paris, fell following a four-month siege during the Franco-German War.


King Henry VII of England, who succeeded in ending the Wars of the Roses, was born in Pembrokeshire, Wales.


Charlemagne, ruler of the Holy Roman Empire, died at Aachen (Germany).

from encyclopedia britannica

Send free unlimited international SMS

This is a Plugin for Yahoo! Widgets which allows you to send unlimited number of international SMS for free......

It has been tested for the following countries:
(Netherlands,TURKEY,germany,hungary,india,Belgium, Brazil,Greece,Algeria,Serbia...)

In india it is working well with BSNL and Hutch.....

How to use it Properly:

  1. Download the file
  2. Extract contents to a folder
  3. Install Yahoo Widget Engine
  4. Open the SMS.widget with Yahoo Widget engine
  5. You should now have a box which looks like the box in the screenshot
  6. Right click the box and goto Widget Preferences
  7. In settings enter a email address and your cell/mobile number
  8. Set the operator to international if you are not in USA or Canada
  9. Save the settings
  10. To send a message, enter the cell number in the box, or you can click the dropdown box and click add entry to save a number for future
  11. Enter your message in the message box
  12. Set the Mode to International if you aren't in USA or Canada
  13. Click send

You only have to go through all that once, next time, all you have to do is enter a phone number and your message, then click send...

The link is

I'll update it to something more permanant in some time ..

These Indian networks are supported:
  • ADIL - Haryana
  • ADIL - Rajasthan
  • ADIL - UP(E)
  • Aircel - Tamil Nadu
  • Airtel - Karnataka (Bharti)
  • Airtel - Orissa
  • Airtel Bharti Cellular - Kerala
  • Barakhamba - AP
  • Barakhamba - Chennai
  • Barakhamba - Karnataka
  • Bharti - AP (Airtel)
  • Bharti - Punjab
  • Bharti Cellular - Delhi
  • Bharti Cellular - Gujarat
  • Bharti Cellular - Haryana
  • Bharti Cellular - Maharashtra
  • Bharti Cellular - MP
  • Bharti Cellular - Mumbai
  • Bharti Cellular - Tamilnadu
  • Bharti Cellular - UP(W)
  • Bharti Mobinet (Skycell)-Chennai
  • Bharti Mobitel - Kolkata
  • Bharti Telenet - HP
  • BPL Mobile Cellular (Kerala)
  • BPL Mobile Cellular (Maharashtra)
  • BPL Mobile Comm (Mumbai)
  • BSNL - Andhra Pradesh
  • BSNL - Assam
  • BSNL - Bihar
  • BSNL - Chennai
  • BSNL - Gujarat
  • BSNL - Haryana
  • BSNL - Himachal Pradesh
  • BSNL - J&K
  • BSNL - Karnataka
  • BSNL - Kerala
  • BSNL - Kolkata
  • BSNL - Maharashtra
  • BSNL - Mathya Pradesh
  • BSNL - NE
  • BSNL - Orissa
  • BSNL - Punjab
  • BSNL - Rajastan
  • BSNL - Tamilandu
  • BSNL - UP(E)
  • BSNL - UP(W)
  • BSNL - West Bengal
  • BTA Cellcom - MP
  • C-DOT - Delhi
  • C-DOT - Kolkata
  • Escorts Telecom - HP
  • Escorts Telecom - Rajasthan
  • Escorts Telecom - UP(E)
  • Fascel - Gujarat (Hutchenson)
  • Fascel Limited
  • Hexacom (Oasis)-NE
  • Hexacom (Oasis)-Rajasthan
  • Hutchinson - Karnataka
  • Hutchinson East (Usha Martin-Kolkata)
  • Hutchison Essar (Sterling-Delhi)
  • Hutchison Essar Telecom
  • Hutchison Max (Orange)-Mumbai
  • Hutchison Max Telecom (Orange)
  • Idea Cellular
  • IDEA Cellular (Gujurat)
  • IDEA Cellular (Maharastra)
  • IDEA Cellular (New Delhi)
  • IDEA Mobile Comm - Haryana
  • IDEA Mobile Comm - Kerala
  • IDEA Mobile Comm - Upwest
  • Koshika - Bihar
  • Koshika - Orissa
  • Koshika - UP(E)
  • Koshika - UP(W)
  • MTNL - Delhi
  • MTNL - Mumbai
  • Reliance Internet Serv - Kolkata (CDMA)
  • Reliance Telecom - Assam (CDMA)
  • Reliance Telecom - Bihar (CDMA)
  • Reliance Telecom - HP (CDMA)
  • Reliance Telecom - Maharastra (CDMA)
  • Reliance Telecom - MP (CDMA)
  • Reliance Telecom - NE (CDMA)
  • Reliance Telecom - Orissa (CDMA)
  • Reliance Telecom - Punjab (CDMA)
  • Reliance Telecom - WB (CDMA)
  • RPG Cellular - Chennai
  • Spice Commns - Karnataka
  • Spice Commns - Punjab
  • Tata Cellular - AP

For other countries visit :

Enjoy SMSing...
Good Day

Multiple Homepages in Internet Explorer 7

Yes,Its possible to have multiple homepages in IE7 instead of just one.
When you're at a page that you wanmt to add to your homepage list, click the down arrow next to the homepage icon.
You'll be asked whether you want to set the page as your only homepage or add it to your "list of homepages"

Still sounds funny to me... What do we actually have this for. Liek a change-my-handset-everyday-dude,is it there for us to show-off what all pages have adorned my HOME in IE7 ... '


It so happens that you can also manage this from internet options.

The Go Button Annoyance in FireFox 2

The "Go" button is now (irritatingly) merged with the location bar.
Of what good it is,anyway?
All u need to do to make it go away is set browser.urlbar.hideGoButton to TRUE..

And you're done ..

An eternal vacation...

Someone around you recently got an automated response after reporting a phishing attempt to HSBC.

Image Hosted by

It contained the line

"i will be out of the office starting 05/10/2006 and will not return until 17/07/2050."

A 44 year vacation?
No wonder bank jobs are so much in demand!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

All-in-One IM

Hello friends,

Yes, its possible to add all the list of your other messenger to the single messenger.
I have done that so thought I will update all of you as I have gain a lots of thing from this group.

You will see all of your contact from all messenger in a single login of your gmail. When you sign in to your one gmail account all of your messenger you have will be online just signing in to your single gmail account.

Just do this:::

1) Download "psi" from

2) PSI >> Service discovery >>

3) Select yahoo/AIM/MSN (what ever login you need to add to your gmail account) then login to your yahoo account from there. you will see all the contacts there.

Nice Day!!

Free MMS using BSNL postpaid connection

Hi friends..

To send and recieve MMS all for free, use these settings on BSNL SimCard.
This is exclusively for the PostPaid connections of BSNL.

Here we go...










Advanced settings----








These settings are for northern division(BSNL,India).
Sorry,the rest

Hidden Windows XP SoundTrack

Windows XP has a hidden sound track which plays as background music during Windows XP installation process, but most people can’t hear this music because they have a soundcard that won’t have drivers preinstalled on XP.

Here’s the way to uncover it:

Navigate to C:\Windows\system32\oobe\images, go to Tools > Folder Options > View, check Show Hidden Files and Folders options and then uncheck Hide Protected Operating System Files. You will now notice a file called title.wma, that’s the hidden sound track!!

Easier alternative is to search for title.wma, but remember to include hidden files.

Want a video tutorial.
Its here at YouTube

DivShare to stream MP3s now!

I consider DivShare as the best,among tons of file sharing/hosting sites out there, because they are free, fast and reliable. Moreover, they keep our files online forever. Now, they have announced a great new addition to their features list – MP3 Streaming. All your old as well as new MP3s will get a built-in Flash “Play” button.

Using the built in-flash player, your friends won’t have to download the MP3 in order to hear them. Unlike most of the audio hosting services, DivShare also provides an option to download them MP3.

See a live example here.

In the next few days, DivShare will introduce a new sharing option which allows you to embed flash MP3 player into your blog/profile. Like always, DivShare doesn’t like copyrighted music, so don’t upload them (even as private files).

DivShare needs to release an uploading tool, something like Uploadr for Flickr. It’s hard to upload multiple files (more than 5) using browser.

Showing Show Desktop

Sometimes we accidentally delete the "Show Desktop" icon in the quick launch menu.
You can manually recreate it by creating a file called "Show Desktop.scf".

  • Open Notepad,& type in the fiollowing:

  • Save this File as "Show Desktop.scf" by selecting the "Save As" type as All Files-- to prevent the file being saved as "Show Desktop.scf.txt".

Now all you have to do is to drag this file to the Quick Launch Toolbar & your show desktop icon is restored.

There is yet another way ...
That is to use the Regsvr32 command.
  • Go to Start>Run and type in "regsvr32 /n /i:U shell32.dll"
This should restore the Show Desktop Icon

Friday, January 26, 2007

MegaUpload Premium Link Generator

MegaUpload Premium link Generator is a very useful tool for bypassing speed limit or waiting time.

You can download multiply files with full speed just like Premium user

Just put MegaUpload download links and hit the “Submit Link to Maker” button

MegaUpload Premium Account Generator

Bypass MegaUpload Restrictions for Mozilla FireFox

First go to firefox/59/
(this link will redirect you on Htts so may be you will have to open a port)

Click Install Now to install addon.

Restart FireFox. Tool-->User Agent Switcher-->Options-->Options

Click User Agents-->Add

Type this:

+ Description: MEGAUPLOAD

+ User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; Alexa Toolbar)

Click OK twice to finish adding User Agent.

From now, before downloading any file on megaupload just go Tools--> User Agent Switcher-->MEGAUPLOAD.

Creating Opera Widgets for your Blog

Today I came across a Tool called Opera Widgets Generator which lets you easily create Widgets for Your Blog.

If you want to create a Widget for your Blog, just follow these steps

Step 1: Go to Opera Widgets Generator and Hit the Create a Widget Button

Step 2: Select a Widget Type (either Advanced or Classic) and click ‘I want this type!’

Step 3: Enter a title for your Widget, Enter the location of your Feed and Choose a nice looking skin. Now hit the ‘Make my Widget’ button

Step 4: You’re Done !! Now publicize your Widgets by add Widgets chicklet to your blog.

Improve your Memory

Do you want to improve your Memory ?

Then read the How to Improve your Memory Tutorial.

This article uses mnemonics tactics along with some other tricks to increase and improve memory capabilities and better memory in general.

Here is the excerpt of that article:

  1. Keep your brain active
  2. Exercise daily
  3. Reduce Stress
  4. Eat Well and eat Right
  5. Take better Pictures
  6. Give yourself time to form a memory
  7. Repeat things you need to learn
  8. Group things you need to remember
  9. Use Mnemonics.
  10. Organize Your Life

Read the complete tutorial here.

Deface your rivals blog

Are you thinking you could someway paint a graffiti on your rival's blog ?? Your dreams have already come true !!

Now Netdisaster gives you a chance to do so. You can draw graffiti, throw some nukes, tomatoes, paintballs or even drop some worms, dinosaurs, aliens, snail and flies and much much more modes of destruction.

Just go to and pick you rivals target URL and select the mode of destruction. Have fun !!

planning to throw some tomatoes on my pages then click here

other effects include flower-power,guns n bloody guns...

explore for more..

Abort ShutDown

You are in some important work when some critical update is going on in the background.
Before you are done with your stuff,the update is complete and initiates a shutdown or a restart.

Here's what you do then.
D'load this batch file and place it on your desktop for easy-hassle free access in case of emergency or anyways

Abort Shutdown.bat