Sunday, February 4, 2007

Install IE7 and WMP11 without WGA check

There is an easy way to install the Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 without the WGA check.
As you all know the Windows Media Player 11 and the Internet Explorer 7 perform WGA checks during installation to make sure the user running the installation has a legitimate version of Windows.
More than 1 million false positive checks have been made thus far which means that many users of legit versions of Windows can’t install the IE7.

All you need to do is edit the hosts file that is in system32\drivers\etc of your windows installation and add the following line to it:

This redirects all request to to your system.
The address is used to perform the WGA check.
Check your All Users/Application Data folder and delete the folder Windows Genuine Advantage if it exists.

Once this is done start the installation of the Internet Explorer 7 and click on Verify during the installation. The connection to the Microsoft server will be redirected to your computer and the installation continues unhindered.

The same hack works for the installation of the Windows Media Player 11 as well.