Sunday, April 1, 2007

Yahoo! plans overtaking GMail and LiveMail

Yahoo has announced UNLIMITED STORAGE for all Yahoo Mail users starting from May 2007,to celebrate its 10th B'day.With this announcement, Yahoo Mail will overtake Gmail (2.8GB) and Live Mail (2GB) both in terms of storage space and users. Yahoo Mail currently has over 250 million registered users worldwide, far more than any other competing service.

RocketMail was acquired by Yahoo in 1997.Thats from where Yahoo Mail was born. It initially offered 4MB of storage, that was enough to hold few documents,presentations or photographs. The Storage space increased to 100MB n then to 1GB as the time passed.

Unlimited storage space is available for all Yahoo Mail users, not just Yahoo Mail Beta users.TechCrunch writes that users will have to stick with Yahoo’s abusive policies and follow “normal email practices”, not to use Yahoo Mail for storage purpose. Users who violate these terms will be notified or suspended by Yahoo. However, the user can still have access to his data.

This may inspire users to make a switch back to Yahoo Mail, but Yahoo still lacks POP and forwarding feature(as in GMail), which remains a paid feature.