Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Blogging History

It’s been 8 months now that http://techxtreme.blogspot.com is up and this gives me an immense pleasure to think that this time I have been able to stay for so long with a blog. I started to blog after being introduced to the concept by a still junior “dude”, this name by which he liked himself to be called, about 3 years back. I could never know his real name but that is a whole different story so let us leave it aside.

My First Blog:

The first blog was called “Abhi is great” (http://abhi-is-great.blogspot.com …It doesn’t exist now) for a simple reason that I never cared to observe, very carefully, “dude’s” blog, probably the only one I knew of at that time, to make out what put it distinctly in the category of blogs, rather than regular websites. And I felt a sense of pride in the doing this exploration work, just as in everything else I do! As I did some amount of “forumming” for gaining knowledge about some software and tips and tricks to make my system a bit faster than it was, so I could understand what I was about to do, when after selecting out the template, received a message that asked me to continue to ‘Write my first post’. The very first post was a brief introduction about me and a message of thanks to Dude who introduced me to this stuff. Then I tried the various templates offered by the blogger. I must admit that I knew nothing of HTML at that time except that it was something Hypertext Markup Language (didn’t even knew what this meant!). So I never indulged into it. It was interesting to mess around with this thing and understanding some terms in the settings and elsewhere around. This meant I didn’t write anything for long periods of time altogether and frankly that was because of two reasons:

  • Studies
  • I never had an idea of what I could scribble there! I was even unsure if I could write anything at all even if I knew what I could write about.

The result: A few funny pictures up there, a few tricks to boost up performance on your system (from here and there! Without any mention of the source ever :wicked: ). And all this mixed pickle of a blog was down in less than two months because it never looked good to me and I never could like my very own blog.

How and what did I learn then: "Blog" had become the buzzword by this time and there were now many that interested me or helped me someway. I was just as comfortable going through a blog as reading an e-book or so. I saw better designs, better add-ons (text-boxes, videos, blogrolls, etc.) and better content. Of course there were some blogs that I found better than the others, and I noticed that they interest me because they are based on some select theme. For example, there were tech blogs coming up, and then there were blogs dedicated to news, and others were views on news… Fun, Sports, Automobiles, Machines, History, etc. and the list goes on. Out of these, jokes and funny cartoons were the ones that amused me the most. These would make me lighter when I got bored from reading all the scientific stuff I wanted to read. By this time I had also learnt a bit about basic HTML from www.w3schools.com and I could now understand what some parts of a blog template (in www.blogger.com) meant. So, I decided to have one blog for my own and by myself to read and amuse me.

Hence came up “The Fully Faltoo Blog” [English: (Faltoo: useless)]. This sounded a pretty light name for a comedy centered blog, to me. And I’d post funny cartoons, jokes, and other light stuff that I had stored on my PC. I never promoted it or told anyone about this one, because I had this one up to amuse me. I never felt the urge to show it to my friends. I’d just go on to read it what I had already read about, or seen on my very own PC and soon I began losing interest in it. At the same time, I started to edit the layout and design of my blog. I’d change the “posted by” to “written by” or “uploaded by” or to whatever came in my mind. And similarly with the other things. I’d use pictures to decorate my blog or change the background or change the color of the navigation bar and much other unnecessary time-pass stuff like these. And one fine day seeing my blog in my browser I realized all this stuff was too girlish for me to do. And there was no fun seeing what I had already seen.

The one important thing I learned from this episode was that only original or fairly unknown but interesting stuff is the life of a blog and that too if it’s well-written and formatted.

The Result: This blog too, breathed its last when I deleted it. That wasn’t its fault though, for I wanted to do more experiments with it but mom’s scolding one day spoiled my mood so much so that I deleted this one. Anyway, it was gone.

In all the forumming I was into those times, I came to know about www.xanga.com and www.wordpress.com etc. I didn’t like xanga simply because it had a weird name, so I decided I would try out Wordpress (WP). Then started my niche-blogging on the subject of ‘tech’. This was inspired from the forumming I was into again (thanks, www.thinkdigit.com/forum ). But then I stepped into many other things simultaneously like the google pages, my own forums (even they don’t exist anymore!) Hari might remember talking to me at TAZ some day (My handle: TheGodThatFailed). Anyway, the wordpress blog was named techxtreme and it too went down in lesser time than the blogger blogs. This was because the ‘free’ option didn’t provide any amount of customizability except changing the blog-title with any picture of own choice! I moved back to blogger.

And, then came http://techxtreme.blogspot.com. At first this blog carried tech-related articles from various places that I learned from, like the http://techbuzz.net and www.thinkdigit.com/forum. Writing on, at this place, though inconsistently and reading other blogs and websites helped me improve my writing skills (somewhat!). I must mention the best inspiration for the recent posts, that is RT Cunningham’s Untwisted Vortex. Those who haven’t visited this one, do it as soon as you can and am sure you are going to love it.

How, what, why, when, where, etc. techXtreme has been, I won’t say myself, because I want to know that from you people. So don’t wait, and hit the comments button fast and make your say about it.

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