Saturday, September 29, 2007

5+ Free Hours of International Calling

Pingo is a global brand of virtual calling cards and internet phone card with amazing low rates. Pingo has NO hidden fee's, NO surprises with the best competitive rates worldwide. Anyone who signs up for this awesome service gets $8 credit as FREE CALLS! This roughly means more than 5 hours of FREE international calling value. An offer, too good to be resisted!

PINGO specially offers "Special phone card blog discount coupon: “ppp3” valid for $3 off Pingo." Besides this special offer, Pingo offers $25 calling cards for as low as $17.

Pingo's business and family plan aims at a virtual globalism, with no equipment to purchase just easy billing and management with amazing bundled savings. Now that is something that can be called a super saver.

Pingo’s RateWatcher™ scheme saves you from the hassle of digging through piles of prepaid calling card offers to see if you're getting really low phone card rate

Pingo Mobile: Saves you up to 90% on your International cell phone calls.

Pingo’s calling card affiliate program pays $15 for each new customer you refer.

Various rates and charges can be had here
I can recall of a similar service that promised something like the same as Pingo does. But all it could get me was some minutes of unclear calling and that too after inviting a hell lot of contacts from my address book and then was greeted with the message that further services come at a premium!
But you can trust Pingo’s reliable network that delivers over 1.1 billion International phone card minutes a month.

Here's why Pingo team thinks you should use Pingo

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Indefinitely Away!

Its being extremely difficult arranging a regular internet connection and I can see techXtreme dying because its being too much time between consecutive posts. I will now be away for an indefinite period of time during which I intend to prepare some nice content, along with arranging a regular internet connection.

Maybe I will scrap this techXtreme thing off and start afresh!
Thats quite undecided yet! But let us see what happens.

See you!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Categorization of Blog Posts

If your blog is not a collection of Stock-Piles (Stock-piles means consecutive series on a specific topic) then proper categorization of your blog posts is something that you should take care of. This is especially for the starters who write down the first thing that comes to their mind and they think is important.

If you are reading this and have gone through the rest of my blog you sure might have seen that techXtreme isn’t about anything in particular. And that’s why you see a large number of categories in my side-bar so that it’s easy for the readers to navigate through my previous posts of specifically of their interest.

This also helps when you have very less number of posts per page (I have only three posts per page). It’s really cumbersome to keep clicking on the previous posts button or to find through the archives if you don’t remember the day or the time period during which the post was made, that you don’t know in the most of the cases.

For the beginners, I call this sorting out not being a professional writer.

So from now on take care that you properly categorize all your posts and manage your previous posts also. It will certainly give you some more readers and if not, then at least help you to keep the existing readership intact.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Blogger Integrates Inline Ads

Just as the Blogger says it,this was a long-awaited and much-requested integration. And indeed, its a cool feature.

Now this really saves the trouble of editing the blogger code as it was done earlier. AdSense ads can now be shown up to 3 times inside the block of blog posts, on the main page.

The blogger hosted blogs are down because of some unknown reason (unknown reason implies a reason that I am not aware of! ) , but the blogger home provides this link to an AdSense blog post that shows How to do it...
I couldn't read the AdSense blog or see anything else on the blogspot domain (and even this one is a blind post! I can't see my blog. Only the write-a-new-post page on !) so I currently have no idea about what this new feature is going to look like, but most probably its going to be something like we have seen on many wordpress hosted blogs or the blogger hosted blogs with the template tweaked. I am desperate to have a look and try it out, but not blindly as I am making this post.

I think this concept should definitely help in better monetization of blogs as the ads can be placed in-line with the content of the posts. And you know why AdSense is named such. So this is really going to be an exciting improvement over the previous avatar of the AdSense integration in Blogger. Till you don't see the AdSense blog you can read How do I put AdSense on my blog (using Layouts)? on Blogger Help.

I signed up for PayPerPost!

A friend of mine referred me to this one-of-the-millions online-earning opportunity that actually works for the bloggers!

There isn't just a single reason that I love PayPerPost, there are just many! PayPerPost has come up with a genius idea, this brand new form of ads on blogs which makes it a truly "Consumer Generated Advertising Network". The PPP service is fast and efficient. My blog was just accepted within three working days!

The PayPerPost system is transparent and it effectively verifies the authenticity of Blog-claims prior to registering any. The system, allows in marketplace only an easily navigable Blog that points anyone precisely to any particular Blog-post, being looked for, via the daily archives. I was first rejected because I archived my TechXtreme monthly, but this made me sure that this is finally the opportunity that I was looking for. A system that could distinguish between what is worth the game and what is just useless. This inspired me so much to submit my Blog again after I made the necessary changes. And I was mighty glad I did.

Apart, PayPerPost is an excellent way to make friends as you meet 'n' share opinion with hundreds of like-minded bloggers from around the world! I have just been here for a day as of now, & I admit that "I love it".

blog advertising

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Role of Correct Grammar and Punctuation in Blogging

Besides other things that you should consider when you take up blogging (read Blog2Life), is the important aspect of proper following of the rules of grammar and the code of punctuation. In my opinion, this is the kind of stuff that makes most of the difference between a user’s choice as to which blog he should read and which one he shouldn’t. This is a part of what can set you heads-high apart from the millions of other bloggers already out there always prepared to run over you in the blogosphere.

This is an often overlooked but a point of vital importance. Let’s take the example of the many-many blogs we come across daily. How many of them interest you? Why? How many do you subscribe to? I don’t think you subscribe to one just by considering the design and layout! We can easily notice that most of the well-written blogs do follow these rules. The underlying concept is simple:

You have readers that can’t differentiate between a grammatically perfect (or at least good!) blog post and a one that is written in a rush with little attention paid to commas, colons and full-stops. And these people won’t care even. If you follow these rules when posting, you won’t be bothering this class because they will be least affected but poor language and ill-punctuated posts will certainly be a put-off for the other kind of readers. Neglecting this aspect of ethical blogging can, however, make you lose a percentage of your valuable readership. So it is analogous to stuff lying in your store, which does no harm by staying there but proves useful, just when you need it. You’ll need it all the time while blogging, though.

So the conclusion that I derive from my thoughts about this issue is that, using sound language and correct usage of grammar and punctuation is not to make a show that you’re wiser than the rest and/or well educated or more learned than others, but to touch in the right spot, by the linguistically sensitive who maybe easily put off by laxity regarding this aspect that you should keep in mind while writing a post.

Reading through the following points may help you in taking care about this:

§ Do a thorough spell check before posting. Your favorite word processors may not be amazing at it, but they can sure help you with the most common errors and silly mistakes.

§ Avoid using SMS-Speak. By SMS-Speak, I mean the use of ‘u’ at the place of ‘you’ or ‘ur’ at the place of ‘your’. An ‘i’ for an ‘I’ may look crass to the sensitive eye and may mar a reader’s experience of going through your blog-post even if your content is good by killing the essence and interest of the topic.

§ Read your post once or twice (or thrice even!) again, before posting. Most of the times, we can find the silliest mistakes being committed even when writing something with full presence of body and mind.

§ Question yourself. Ask yourself whether you like what you have written after self-reviewing it. Think about whether you have written just too little about your project or just overdid it. Will your readers understand your language? Will they be able to carry along with your way of writing? And, So and So…

Reviewing and editing your own work will surprise you when you’ll see how much difference it can make.


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Monday, September 3, 2007

Run Multiple Instances Of Google Talk

In this post, I will tell you how to run multiple instances of Google Talk IM without the use of any third party software.

Disclaimer. This tutorial is just for educational purposes. You are yourself responsible for any violation of G!Mail Program Policies and/or any kind of misuse. I can't be held responsible for anything that you do!

  1. Right-click the Gtalk Messenger shortcut on your desktop
  2. Click Properties
  3. Select The Shortcut Tab
  4. You will see A Target Text-Box with: “c:\program files\google\google talk\googletalk.exe” /startmenu
  5. Change the Text to “c:\program files\google\google talk\googletalk.exe” /nomutex
  6. Click Apply and OK. to close the window.
  7. Now you can copy the shortcut file and paste Multiple versions on your desktop rename the shortcut to associate them with the appropriate Gtalk Account.
And you are done.

A Nifty Firefox Tip: Using Search

I myself like to use keyboard shortcuts more than finding and fiddling with the mouse over the screen. This especially helps me when I am at college and have to do all the online work in the limited time of a free lecture as I currently don't have an internet connection at my place in Chandigarh.

I use this nifty little way to save some precious seconds to search around when I have to work with a lot of keywords while searching for material for assignments and projects, so i thought to share it with you!

You can quickly jump to the search box in Firefox by pressing Ctrl + K.

You can change search provider the pressing Ctrl and Up/Down key.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Technorati Working for Me again!

Thank God, technorati is working for me again. Earlier it didn't even detect any update on t.e.c.h.X.t.r.e.m.e and last updated was shown as some 170-200 days back. i tried a lot many things such as removing techxtreme from the technorati system and then adding. I also tried using their new embed-widget code but to no use again. Someone just messaged me that he reached my blog (techxtreme) by searching for "brontok" on technorati by clicking on a link that pointed to the article Hack to Save Yourself: Remove Brontok Yourself and that he found it good. I asked him that technorati wasn't working for me, how come he found this one. Was this through some other website or blog or what? He said, No! technorati pointed exactly to this post !
Man! This is amazing. I was so fed up of doing everything I could do to get this right. I logged in to my account and saw everything being very normal. Such a relief !
Lots of thanks to whoever did this at technorati !