Saturday, September 8, 2007

Blogger Integrates Inline Ads

Just as the Blogger says it,this was a long-awaited and much-requested integration. And indeed, its a cool feature.

Now this really saves the trouble of editing the blogger code as it was done earlier. AdSense ads can now be shown up to 3 times inside the block of blog posts, on the main page.

The blogger hosted blogs are down because of some unknown reason (unknown reason implies a reason that I am not aware of! ) , but the blogger home provides this link to an AdSense blog post that shows How to do it...
I couldn't read the AdSense blog or see anything else on the blogspot domain (and even this one is a blind post! I can't see my blog. Only the write-a-new-post page on !) so I currently have no idea about what this new feature is going to look like, but most probably its going to be something like we have seen on many wordpress hosted blogs or the blogger hosted blogs with the template tweaked. I am desperate to have a look and try it out, but not blindly as I am making this post.

I think this concept should definitely help in better monetization of blogs as the ads can be placed in-line with the content of the posts. And you know why AdSense is named such. So this is really going to be an exciting improvement over the previous avatar of the AdSense integration in Blogger. Till you don't see the AdSense blog you can read How do I put AdSense on my blog (using Layouts)? on Blogger Help.


Lina Trivedi expressed...

I have a small section on the bottom of my blogs with ads, and of course, they never get clicked because they are so inconspicuous, but I always struggle with putting ads all over my blog because I am thinking that my visitors come for the content, not the ads. How do you suggest balancing the two? That is always my struggle!

Abhinav Sood expressed...

I do find my ads clicked often and they never seem to interfere with the layout and content on my blog, because they are placed after everything else that is more important.

They are right in the end of the left sidebar. And placed in between the widgets in the right sidebar because I can get the color scheme to match with the rest of the blog (so can you. Try it!)

Besides all this, I think 3 posts per page is not the count that an average reader will not go through the whole blog. One, because new visitors do read what a blog contains and they will generally see right to the bottom if the blog is not very long. Two, the already-are-readers, I suppose come looking for something they have already found at your blog and often find it in the bottom as the blog is updated by the time I expect someone to return (Excuse Me, this time it was because of my sessional exams that just ended a few minutes ago!)

Get into some more struggling and win. All the best.