Monday, September 3, 2007

A Nifty Firefox Tip: Using Search

I myself like to use keyboard shortcuts more than finding and fiddling with the mouse over the screen. This especially helps me when I am at college and have to do all the online work in the limited time of a free lecture as I currently don't have an internet connection at my place in Chandigarh.

I use this nifty little way to save some precious seconds to search around when I have to work with a lot of keywords while searching for material for assignments and projects, so i thought to share it with you!

You can quickly jump to the search box in Firefox by pressing Ctrl + K.

You can change search provider the pressing Ctrl and Up/Down key.


Jamie expressed...

A feature i only found out during a short term use of safari was the page word searcher.

By pressing ctrl and f a bar appears in most modern browsers allowing you to type in a word. The browser then allows you to jump to all the places that word appears in the page. Allowing you to find the section of the page you were after much more quickly

Hope thats a help too!

Abhinav Sood expressed...

Yes, CTRL + F helps a lot and is even quite commonly used!

OK, here's an addition for firefox users! As you know, pressing CTRL + F opens the "Find Bar" at the bottom of the browser window. This bar doesn't go until you close it by clicking the X button.

You can open this find box (In Quick Mode) by simply pressing '
The Find Bar goes off, if you don't use it for a few moments. This keeps the browser window clean 'n' clear as many of us would want it.