Sunday, September 2, 2007

Technorati Working for Me again!

Thank God, technorati is working for me again. Earlier it didn't even detect any update on t.e.c.h.X.t.r.e.m.e and last updated was shown as some 170-200 days back. i tried a lot many things such as removing techxtreme from the technorati system and then adding. I also tried using their new embed-widget code but to no use again. Someone just messaged me that he reached my blog (techxtreme) by searching for "brontok" on technorati by clicking on a link that pointed to the article Hack to Save Yourself: Remove Brontok Yourself and that he found it good. I asked him that technorati wasn't working for me, how come he found this one. Was this through some other website or blog or what? He said, No! technorati pointed exactly to this post !
Man! This is amazing. I was so fed up of doing everything I could do to get this right. I logged in to my account and saw everything being very normal. Such a relief !
Lots of thanks to whoever did this at technorati !