Monday, November 5, 2007

Blog Review : FreeNewTechnology

Writing about the Fair Review Project I had decided to review the first blog that strikes me in my favorite stream : Technology. I came across FreeNewTechnology in the directory and decided to change my decision when I visited the blog. But then, whatever it takes. I should be doing this, so that the blogger JRG1392 comes to know what I as a visitor have to say about his blog. Not having a good blog and not having anyone to point out why it is not good is harsh, for I have felt it at some point when techXtreme has also been as dead as FreeNewTechnology but for lot fewer days than this blog.

The template is a one out of the blogger defaults with no modding at all. The profile hardly lets us know anything about the blogger.

The way Mr.JRG1392 writes about New Technology in this post clears his kind of blogging. Irrelevant or Immature, I don't know how to put it. "Help support my site" is seen 4 times on the blog, like asking donation for a rehabilitation camp. The very first "Help support my site" carries a digg-this-blog button. I need superpowers to understand who is going to Digg this one and what for! The rest of the "Help support my site" are static bidvertiser ads.
Technorati has been also experimented in this post about Fair Review Project.

In entirety, the worst blog I reviewed. At least, I least liked to do it as my 100th post!

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