Friday, November 9, 2007

Can you resist the click? Don’t Click It! is a cool project by Alex, from Germany that has now developed from an experiment into an interface. This is a whole-flash website though it’s lighter than most of the full flash based websites I have come across and uses MySQL database for storage. The interface is designed in a way that you navigate the contents in a different way. There are no buttons or items to click on except for the only one that you can click before entering the project. The menus and options are activated just by hovering over the menu or options. After a few seconds that you have stayed on the project, the system asks for your feedback, by putting a question that do you miss the CLICK? Before you

The project is actually a research based on developing new hassle free way of navigation in which you don’t have to use clicks. Various mouse gestures have been tried like sweeping the mouse over a button or circling it around a button to activate it, though these methods are not without their own limitations.

The coolest thing with it is that the 1st 20 seconds of your movement at the project are recorded. These can then be replayed from the Auto-Pilot section that you can easily find navigating step by step through the site. There were as much as around 5630 recordings at the time I wrote this [in last 5 minutes, which implies.]

Do give this project a few minutes. You may then also post your opinion about it in the crowd-shout section and see what others have to say about it.