Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Feedest : RSS & Atom Social Feed Reader and Directory

Its a dusty day today as Diwali, the festival of lights is just two days away and paint jobs and repair-cum-maintainence jobs are going on around the house. It has kept me busy since the morning because dad's in the office and I have to get all the material to the painters and other workers.

After Lunch (About 4 hours ago), I came across Feedest through MyBlogLog. Feedest is a RSS and Atom Social Feed Reader and Directory. You can submit your site's or blog's feed for listing in the Feedest directory. While submitting you select the category your site/blog best fits in(Tagging.) The top tags , just tagged and just added feeds are listed on the homepage. They appear when you click the title-head in a drop-down fashion.

The homepage says that Feedest is still in its beta. The layout is quite simple. There are three small buttons placed below the header image for submitting the site to del.icio.us, Digg and StumbleUpon. You can register for this service from the top-right corner of the site and login from the same place after you have registered once.

My Feedest shows you your own feeds that you have submitted to the directory. Feed 2 JavaScript, XML Dump and (the best of all) Autodiscovery Tag Generator are (their) feed tools of great utility. You can search through feeds, view feeds tagged in your favorite categories and subscribe to them immediately if you like them.

Another good feature about Feedest is that they show you how many members tagged/bookmarked/saved a particular feed. It also shows how many times a feed has been visited (under facts) lists the latest entry in the feed.

Overall, a very good site that I recommend you to visit and join. My feed has been viewed 10 times since the time I submitted it. Do save/tag/bookmark it when you join.


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Sub Lumen expressed...

Nice blog. I have just added you to my Technorati favorites. I would appreciate it if you returned the favor. The link would be

My blog is at www.sublumen.com
stop by sometime!

Abhinav Sood expressed...

Its done! thanks for the add. You got a nice blog there, I will sure be visiting you whenever I find time because of these repair and patch jobs going on in my house. They have been keeping me so busy from so many days.

Good Day.