Saturday, November 3, 2007

Make A Fight With GoogleFight

There are not just a few things to kill time on the Internet. Here is one out of many. is a cool concept, that compares the number of Google search results for two keywords and the keyword returning more number of results is the winner.

Its fun [ ?!~!? ] making a fight between 'Bill Clinton' and 'Monika Lewinsky' or 'Michael Jackson' and 'Janet Jackson' :D. The results are displayed after a brief matrix style animation. I tried comparing Microsoft and Google. Whom do you think might have won?

Google,of course. Here's a snapshot :

Note what the footer says : This site is not affiliated with or sponsored by Google. Atleast some such stuff not by any of the giant corporations.

Have fun making fights here.

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rapidadverbssuck expressed...

If you like the Googlefight, you will almost surely love the Love-o-Graph: Remember, make love, not fight.