Monday, November 5, 2007

Proper Tagging is Important for StumbleUpon Traffic

Submitting a post or a website to StumbleUpon can be a real traffic boost, if done with proper tagging. The Guru did an interesting experiment to understand the role of using proper tags with his wallpaper site. He submitted two pages from the wallpaper site StumbleUpon as a test. They were wallpapers of the same exact person, just different backgrounds, stance, clothing, etc.He submitted the first page with the tag 'photograph', the second with the tag 'technology'.

The wallpaper under the photo section got 2,378 hits on its first day, the other got around 600. Clearly, Stumblers do not like coming across irrelevant content and give it a thumbs down. So you lose valuable traffic that you could have otherwise got if you tagged your stuff right.



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