Friday, November 2, 2007

Yahoo! Messenger IM annoyance

While chatting on Yahoo! Messenger, pressing the 'Up' arrow button in an IM window shows the previously sent message in the send message box. That is such a nightmare for those who chat on their laptops. At least, it is one nightmare for me. The 'Up' arrow key is located just next to the shift button. I hate it when the arrow key gets pressed when I press it by mistake instead of shift button in hurry to start a new sentence in sentence case. The new message that you are typing isn't restored back if you type over it after pressing the arrow key. And that is what always happen when you are typing fast. Otherwise it gets restored.

I think I can try to take care of my mistake that I make in a hurry. But I very much want Yahoo! to take care of this. When you have already sent a message what is the need of showing it up again on pressing the up key!

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