Sunday, December 30, 2007

Position the object in the Center in Photoshop

Some people spend hard time in adjusting a part of graphics in the center when working in Adobe Photoshop; Pressing CTRL+T and adjusting it pixel by pixel after calculating the center from image size, monitoring the rulers and what not.

If you need to position an image in the center of the canvas, you don't need to calculate image parameters and reorganize the image accordingly. All you have to do is to cut the object and paste it back. It will automatically be centered in the image!

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Friday, December 28, 2007

techXtreme is not going anywhere!

I had expressed my eagerness to switch to WordPress as soon as I could, importing all the posts from this blog to (yep, that's the secret,revealed!) and I had almost accomplished that (with lots of help from Leo of, that I am thankful for.) But today, after some deep thinking about the whole process; what it was going to change, what had to be done in order to efficiently manage all the changes it could make across various systems, techXtreme has been indulged in; I have decided to keep techXtreme intact and normally running. I have reverted all the import-jobs at Inspirit Blog from techXtreme and kick-started it afresh!

There are many reasons behind why I have taken this step:

  • I am pretty much in love with techXtreme. I have created and then deleted many blogs till today, but this is the only one that I care the most about, the only one where I enjoyed writing at out of all, the only one that I have worked so hard on. Its the only one that has lasted for so long and has been so well.
  • Its the only blog that has given me real money! I have bought the domain from the money that I earned from this blog! The small though satisfactory success of techXtreme is one of the inspirations for InspiritBlog.
  • It would be messy to redirect the techXtreme page from blogspot to the new domain. The redirect will work fine on the techXtreme's home address, but any links to the individual posts won't work and hence would be lost. Such links to individual posts at techXtreme are spread far and wide on the internet and continue to help hundreds of readers regarding some issue or the other, that has been discussed here.
  • I would have to change the listing of techXtreme at many many services and it would be quite hectic and more of a head ache to do!
  • It would be a challenge to simultaneously maintain two blogs with exclusive content and to develop both of them to success. Community development, gaining and maintaining readership and most importantly learning from both, would be adventurous and fun!
Express your good opinion about it.

And do visit !

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Moving to Wordpress Very Soon!

I have been with Blogger/Blogspot for the last one year, and it has not been a bad experience in anyway, but very soon I will be moving to a self-hosted WordPress blog using my own domain. The popularity and versatility of the WordPress blogging platform has always fascinated me.

Everything has already been set up, though a few glitches still exist. Like the errors in importing the posts and comments from techXtreme in the new website. It is most probably to due to the fact that I am on a Windows-based server while WordPress is "most OK" with the LAMP package (Linux-Apache-mySQL-PHP). I am trying something round the simple and suggested default procedure to get everything right with my friend Leo {} and will kick start when everything is all set right.

I haven't started to publicize the new blog, even though the posts and comments till 25th of December are available, because I may need to flush the database as I have lost the access to administration panel and hence its impossible to manage anything like this. It won't be a good idea to ride a horse with no reins. That is why, I won't still be disclosing the site address.

I'll surely post when I am done with the development process or rather, I will redirect this to the new website. Till then stay tuned to techXtreme.

Update::: Alexa rank for techXtreme has jumped higher to 845,692 from 996,735

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Google Toolbar Sucks!

Soon after the I noticed that Google Toolbar is illuding me as per the only function I use it for i.e. keeping a track of Page Rank, which is Google's measure of importance of a webpage. I have decided to remove it at once.

I was left thinking about what caused such abrupt fluctuations in Page Rank showed for techXtreme. After Liza dropped me a comment letting me know that she had checked the page rank for techXtreme at various websites and that it was not more than "0", I did a Google for analytical websites where I could ascertain myself whether she was right. A website that I came came across during the search operation had a Page Rank of 4 (PR 4.)

Alright, techXtreme was PR 0, but when I opened techXtreme from the same place, the Google Toolbar still showed a PR of 4! I checked again by visiting techXtreme from PR 2, PR 5 and PR 6 sites; the toolbar showed PR 2, PR 5, PR 6 respectively for many minutes after techXtreme was opened. RumblingLankan might have faced the same thing before he concluded that techXtreme is a PR 5 blog!

I never expected something GOOGLE would be behaving like this. It certainly doesn't take this much time to gather data for analytical purposes.

Before kicking Google Toolbar ass-out, I tried uninstalling the add-on, cleared the cache and re-installed it but the same problem persisted! No excuses to spare this thing now!

Besides using the toolbar for checking the Page Rank, I used it for bookmarking sites. But I believe, Firefox's in-built bookmark manager does the job equally well, if not better!

Good Bye Google Toolbar.
Merry Christmas!

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techXtreme is now a PR 5 blog !

RumblingLankan had talked about techXtreme in his post Want some link love ? mentioning about the Awesome Web List concept I have engaged with my readers in. Not before reading RumblingLankan's post, I realized that techXtreme was undergoing some hot development. techXtreme now enjoys a PR of 5. PR is acronym for PageRank which is Google's measure of importance of a page.

At the time that post was written, the Google Toolbar added on my browser showed PR 5 for techXtreme, but a few minutes after I wrote my next post, Google Toolbar showed PR 6. After another two hours, PR meter said, "No PageRank information available!" which was soon followed by PR 2!!!
Unsure of what was going on as per regards to the PR-fluctuation in a wide range, I decided to wait and watch without a mention on my website. Then again, at night Google Toolbar said,"No PageRank information available!" Today when I logged on I was again greeted by a Page Rank of 5. I have captured a screenshot:

I'd appreciate if you drop me a comment and let me know what does your Google Toolbar say about the Page Rank of techXtreme.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Join the doFollow brigade: WordPress and Google(Blogger) users

What in the first place is noFollow?

In an attempt to minimize comment spam, the blogging platform you use automatically adds the
attribute to the comments template.
attributes work by not following back the links that a commentator might post in his comments!

SP@M !!! Then why doFollow?

But, I think that all sensible bloggers visit and check out the link(s) posted by their readership. Sometimes it may not be that easy to tell what may be a spam comment but in the general scenario, a comment that is not relevant to the focus of the blog post or is just a link as for forced and undesired (by the blog admin!) promotion; is spotted easily! I believe everyone of us knows how to use the delete function! That is the very basic concept behind the doFollow movement. In these times that the brotherhood culture is spreading across the Blogosphere, help (& self help) and promotion has got entirely a new meaning.

How to gain an entry into the doFollow brigade?

BLOGGER users:

  • Click on Layout from the dashboard written against your blog.
  • Click on the Edit HTML sub-tab under the Template tab.
  • When you're shown your blog template code; check mark the Expand Widget Templates Field.
  • Press CTRL+F and do a search for
  • Remove any occurrence of
    from the template code.

You are now a doFollower!

WordPress users:

WordPress users enjoy far more convenience to be a part of doFollow movement than the Google Blogger users who have to tweak the template code to remove the noFollow attribute from comments/post templates.

  • Google for a large numbers of doFollow plugins available for WordPress,
  • or, download this doFollow plugin by Kimmo Suominen
  • To use this plugin, simply place this file in the wp-content/plugins directory of your WordPress blog!
  • Activate the plugin from the settings of your blog by logging into the wp-admin of your blog!

And voila! you are also a doFollower now!

(Tutorial at the request of RumblingLankan)

Don't forget to use anyone of the "U Comment I Follow" graphic logos on your blog by Randa Clay. Besides that they look cool on your blog, they let everyone know that you are a good blogger buddy!. See (and appreciate!) the one on my blog in the Readers are Valued section in the right sidebar!
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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Get free links to your blog in comments!

The Listing of 50 AWESOME blogs on the internet : PART 1 concept (If you don't know what it is! then follow the link stated above) is running successfully and I hope its giving the participants, the desired advantage. I have noticed that almost all of the bloggers have submitted the links to their blog in just plain text.
I would like to let you all know, that I am also a part of doFollow brigade and a strong supporter of the doFollow movement! I am giving you a place in the AWESOME BLOGS LIST upon submission and hence giving you a free link back to your blog.
Similarly, I have had "noFollow" attributes removed from my comments template. If you submit your link wrapped within HTML anchor tag, then you get an extra link back to your profile from the comments in my blog.

You may use anchor tag in this way :::
(a href="BlogAddressHere")BlogNameHere(/a)
Replace the round brackets () with <>

(a href="")techXtreme(/a)
on replacing () with <> will look like this :

So for more and more links to your blog, comment as much as you can and freely include the link to your blog. I'd love to do some promotion work for you for FREE!
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Saturday, December 22, 2007

RockXP : Rock Windows XP !

Very truly, the internet is a big treasure house! Today, I came across an ultimately useful freeware called RockXP 4.0 Beta.
This little freeware according to the developer's homepage:
- Allows you to get all Microsoft Software Serials
- Allows you to change your XP key
- Allows you to save you XP activation
- Allows you to retrieve you internet connection parameters (like passwords)
- Allows you to retrieve MSN login and password
- Allows you to retrieve XP login and HASH password
- Allows you to display system password (LSA)
- Allows you to generate random password

RockXP can also show you various username-password combinations that it can find in the windows registry!

RockXP uses a third party Open-Source-Software Pwdump2.exe to retrieve HASH password of Windows. So your installed antivirus software may detect this application as a virus. But it is actually not. I have safely tested it! and the developer ascertains it as well.

The nifty freeware comes as a (only) 732 KB ( !!!) download.
You can download it from HERE
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Blogoversary could be a cool blog-widget, BUT...

I installed the code for showing my "blogoversary" [] on techXtreme but removed it today! because it didn't show the correct number of days left to my blog's anniversary i.e. 26th January.
The little graphics button looks cool and promises to get you lots of wishes from the readers of your blog.

But, I have noted that the service is not flawless. The graphics button above is a screenshot that I took today on 22nd December. It shows that techXtreme's blogoversary is in 4 days, however there are still about 35 days to go.

Another bug in the service is that it doesn't know that there are only 365 days in an year (or 366 days in a leap year!). Blogoversary still generates a graphic image for you, if you enter the day in the month-field and the month in day-field !

I entered the following information (mm/dd/yyyy format) :::

and still I was able to generate a widget that went something like this :::

To my surprise, there is no "Contact" info on the website. I really wanted to notify them about this so that I could again showcase this widget on my blog!
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Friday, December 21, 2007

Listing of 50 AWESOME blogs on the internet : PART 1

In a means to spread some link love, I have thought about starting a list of AWESOME blogs on the internet. All those who feel that their blog is awesome and has the potential to rock the blogosphere, then they must submit their blog to the list! This gives you more exposure to the internet traffic and increases your chances to gain more readership and popularity.

Submitting to the list is very easy! Just drop a comment to this post with your name and your blog's name! It will be added to the list!

  • Made-for-Adsense blogs will not be added to the list!
  • Don't submit any referral links as they will not be listed!
  • Do not submit blogs that are already in the list
  • Do not submit blogs that haven't been updated from 2 months or more!
  • Stumble this post!
  • Talk about this on your blog. Speed Linking will also do. It may do good to your fellow bloggers! Promote the concept, next phase is going to arrive soon!
Initially, the list will only have 50 places! So hurry and reserve a place for yourself!
Stumble this post for maximizing the exposure to your blog!

The List Starts:::

The PHASE-I of AWESOME BLOGS ON THE INTERNET has successfully finished...

Keep watch for the PHASE II to begin which will have more places!

You may want to Get even more free links to your blog in comments! before submitting your blog to this list!

BlogCatalog users are invited to join in the AWESOME WEB LISTINGS group to receive updates about the present listing and the future phases of this concept!
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Thursday, December 20, 2007 for $300 Million

There is an interesting speculation that has hired a "small but influential" private investment firm to help broker a deal at an asking price of $300 million. VentureBeat reports
Allen & Company traditionally uses the event to do what it terms “direct research” on potential buyers and sellers, then inserts itself as banker.
You may want to read what has been talked about at various places:

Blog.Dahh.Net : for sale!!!!
VentureBeat : Digg hires bank, hoping to sell for $300 million or more
TechCrunch :Just Sell Digg Already, Jay

An interesting piece of speculation is that Google may be a potential buyer of Digg.Com !
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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Use advanced search operators in GMail

Searching through your mailbox can be a very tedious task for someone like me who gets more than a hundred or two mails or two, in 24 hours! GMail comes to my help with its advanced search operators that I use to filter out the messages that I don't care to read, like the ones from some mailing lists that haven't removed me from their system even after many mails requesting them to unsubscribe me! I call these, the not-spam spam!
And sometimes I need to look for some info in an old email from some friend! Out of my 23% full Inbox! And some times you have to scan for an email that has an attachment or for one that has none. Here's where advanced search operators come to the rescue.

Advanced search operators are query words or symbols that perform special actions in Gmail search. These operators allow you to find what you're looking for quickly and accurately. They can also be used to set up filters so you can organize your inbox automatically.

You can see all the search operators with GMail at GMail Help Center well organized in a table.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Chance to Win $20 with Blog.Dahh.Net

There is a contest going on at Blog.Dahh.Net in an attempt to increase there readers and revenue. Blog.Dahh.Net will randomly draw a winner for $20 out of the participants who meet the following conditions:::

1- Sign up for their RSS feed

2- Stumble the blog

3- Write a new post on your blog mentioning the contest.

The winner will be randomly selected in January 2. I am already in, and I think you may certainly want to join in.

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Initial Program Load !

Today was my Fundamentals of Computer Programming and Information Technology exam! And I am not passing, because of the little time for preparation and lots of syllabus thrust upon our class!
Going through a very simple topic told me something. Boot Process of a computer system is also known as Initial Program Load or IPL. It maybe common, but I never knew, that I may confess! I always thought of this term as something like when a software loads, it shows the splash screen and loads the necessary software files into the computer memory :D
For those students who don't know, you may memorize this nicely, for I was asked about it in viva-voice after the exam, and it really went very well as against how ruthlessly I am going to fail in the written test!
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Monday, December 17, 2007

No More Technicalities!

Finally, I have got a regular internet connection. Thanks to Mom's good-rough-scolding to the person on the other end of "Connect" customer care, the fixed line phone and the DSL connection was installed within 4 hours of that call. I hadn't expected them to show up on a Sunday! But it still happened, when I was thinking they would take other 3-4 days; Someone climbed up the stairs. I thought it was my bro back from his evening classes. But ... :D

Finally, after a long wait and so many calls to the service... For the better... I am now connected ! And I am loving it

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hidden Number Game in Spybot: Search & Destroy

There is a hidden number game in the famous anti-spyware utility, “Spybot: Search & Destroy.” The game can be accessed by clicking the tiny icon in the heading of any section that you open in the software, like the update, scan-time, recovery, etc. Clicking this little graphics also produces the neighing sound of a horse ready to ‘go lose!’

The game is a square of 100 blocks in which we have to open each square one by one, in a fashion the “Horse” moves in a game of chess. That is, two squares in any of the four directions: Up, Down, Left and Right; and one square to the left or right to the direction in which you moved! You have to open the maximum number of squares.

Below each of the 100 squares is one-hundredth part of the classical image of human anatomy! I played this game many times during the period of my online-inactivity. Just recently, I played this game up to opening 93 squares successfully.

Here, you may note the fashion in which I opened the squares. At the 93rd square, there is no move left; 2 blocks in any direction and a block to its left or right. Towards the top-right, there is 64, nothing to the top-left, 68 to the right-up and 92 to the right-down. There are no blocks below 93 at all. And you understand how you may play this game!

So there you go amusing yourself when a system scan is running or you are updating the program!

You can download this post in PDF format from HERE.

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Monday, December 3, 2007

No end to creativity! Grand Theft Auto : Punjab

Very! very! amazing! I must say... I love this form of creativity. Most of the times I mess up with any picture document, it mainly is all about my name somewhere there.
This one is awesome! Whosoever made this, is much appreciated...

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Dad's good to me now, but the other technicalities!

A few days back I wrote I want to be a Blogger, but the technicalities. And I mentioned dad wasn't allowing me to have an internet connection here. But this is my December. Dad's already sent some cash to get one connection but now! The other technicalities :::
  • There is no "Airtel" line in my area.
  • There is no "Reliance" line in my area.
  • I am myself worried about my results. Indian Education System has never been to my taste and I am not studying from quite sometime in classes. Its sick!
Though mom's here from 3-4 days and I have once again applied for a "Connect" connection (the verification failed when I applied for the first time all because of the silly Landlord!) I hope to be on the tracks soon. Lets see what happens

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