Sunday, December 23, 2007

Get free links to your blog in comments!

The Listing of 50 AWESOME blogs on the internet : PART 1 concept (If you don't know what it is! then follow the link stated above) is running successfully and I hope its giving the participants, the desired advantage. I have noticed that almost all of the bloggers have submitted the links to their blog in just plain text.
I would like to let you all know, that I am also a part of doFollow brigade and a strong supporter of the doFollow movement! I am giving you a place in the AWESOME BLOGS LIST upon submission and hence giving you a free link back to your blog.
Similarly, I have had "noFollow" attributes removed from my comments template. If you submit your link wrapped within HTML anchor tag, then you get an extra link back to your profile from the comments in my blog.

You may use anchor tag in this way :::
(a href="BlogAddressHere")BlogNameHere(/a)
Replace the round brackets () with <>

(a href="")techXtreme(/a)
on replacing () with <> will look like this :

So for more and more links to your blog, comment as much as you can and freely include the link to your blog. I'd love to do some promotion work for you for FREE!
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Patriot expressed...

cool idea again , I can see your blog moving up pretty quickly. I like to do the no follow thing in my blog as well. But I use wordpress. Maybe you should write an article about that as well.
Rumbling Lankan

well it wasn't that hard.

Abhinav Sood expressed...

@Rumbling Lankan :

This would help you.
Join the doFollow Brigade
If you face any troubles following any instructions, just leave me a comment and let me know.

Abhinav Sood.

dianeclancy expressed...

First, thank you for including me and liking my blog!

I am a little confused about what you are saying today ... Lots of times I click on links on my own blogs and others and they go to blogs ...

I am not sure what I am not getting here ... thank you!

~ Diane Clancy

Todd expressed...

It's great to see that you are helping people out with some free links.

Check out
for your daily mixed martial arts news!

miss_moneymaker expressed...

Very nice blog and idea.
Please include my blog.

Abhinav Sood expressed...

@Todd and Miss_Moneymaker
added your blogs to the list...

loup.dargent expressed...

Great idea there... :-)

Before I got net-less for ages, I was participating to the Click-and-Comment Monday, so I'm really all for those extra links in exchange of comments.
It works both ways as it encourages people to say something (interact) and that helps make the Blogosphere a lively online community...:-)

Talk soon and Happy New Year!

Loup Dargent

leg4end expressed...
This comment has been removed by the author.
leg4end expressed...

Sweet man I like your style
Success University

SD44 expressed...

Now I like this idea...hopefully I can get into the list of "Awsome Blogs". Check me out at The uVme Spot

I could definately use free promotion...but then again, who couldn't?

Abhinav Sood expressed...


...phase-1 of Awesome Blog Listings has closed, but this don't mean that your blog is not awesome. Subscribe to the RSS feed and keep a watch for the Phase-2 to open. I'd love to link to your blogs.

Check out,you might have got blog reactions from techXtreme for commenting with your link,at technorati, already.

Great Day!

Paul expressed...

I've just started a blog predominantly about 64 bit Ubuntu, and how I've solved issues. There will also be random rants and information about my life in the jungle :)

64 Bit Jungle

loup.dargent expressed...

I've just added the comments feed to my Feedest page... Hopefully that will help even more promoting this great idea and encourage more people to stop by and add their mark ;-)

Actually, if everyone on this thread does that (it doesn't have to be on; Google Reader, etc... are ok too) it could make this thread a virtual gold mine.

It's only an idea/suggestion, of course ;-)

Anyway, a bit more about my baby... err.. I mean... my blog:

I love the fact that it has helped me "meeting" great people that I would never have had the chance to meet otherwise...

Ric Seaberg is one of them. I was chuffed when I found out that he mentioned me in his own blog and called me his friend. I mean, the guy might not be a superstar but he does have a certain degree of celebrity and respectability.
So, it was a "wow!" moment there...

Talk soon :-)

Loup Dargent

Smith expressed...

Hey thanks for this Free link, and its really a nice idea

can you please mail me at, the way how you converted the nofollow blog to dofollow blog?

and does it effect the rating and all?

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