Tuesday, December 25, 2007

techXtreme is now a PR 5 blog !

RumblingLankan had talked about techXtreme in his post Want some link love ? mentioning about the Awesome Web List concept I have engaged with my readers in. Not before reading RumblingLankan's post, I realized that techXtreme was undergoing some hot development. techXtreme now enjoys a PR of 5. PR is acronym for PageRank which is Google's measure of importance of a page.

At the time that post was written, the Google Toolbar added on my browser showed PR 5 for techXtreme, but a few minutes after I wrote my next post, Google Toolbar showed PR 6. After another two hours, PR meter said, "No PageRank information available!" which was soon followed by PR 2!!!
Unsure of what was going on as per regards to the PR-fluctuation in a wide range, I decided to wait and watch without a mention on my website. Then again, at night Google Toolbar said,"No PageRank information available!" Today when I logged on I was again greeted by a Page Rank of 5. I have captured a screenshot:

I'd appreciate if you drop me a comment and let me know what does your Google Toolbar say about the Page Rank of techXtreme.

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Liza expressed...

I don't use the google toolbar, but I checked on several sites. They show a PR of 0 for techxtreme.

Vanilla Soup

dianeclancy expressed...

On my own browser it says "No PageRank information avaelable" ... 6 sounds fantastic!! 3 was as high as I ever saw for me!!

~ Diane Clancy

Abhinav Sood expressed...

I have expressed here Why Google Toolbar Sucks. Its actually not all that bad to take time to gather analytical data while a page loads, but it is certainly worse to see a false PR even when the whole blog has loaded in the browser and you have surfed for a while in and out of particular posts. I'd rather prefer to visit some analytical website and check out by filling the URL in, at once.


Pradeep expressed...

I my self dont trust google toolbar pagerank stats i think webmastertool stats are more aquarate as far as page rank is concerned