Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hidden Number Game in Spybot: Search & Destroy

There is a hidden number game in the famous anti-spyware utility, “Spybot: Search & Destroy.” The game can be accessed by clicking the tiny icon in the heading of any section that you open in the software, like the update, scan-time, recovery, etc. Clicking this little graphics also produces the neighing sound of a horse ready to ‘go lose!’

The game is a square of 100 blocks in which we have to open each square one by one, in a fashion the “Horse” moves in a game of chess. That is, two squares in any of the four directions: Up, Down, Left and Right; and one square to the left or right to the direction in which you moved! You have to open the maximum number of squares.

Below each of the 100 squares is one-hundredth part of the classical image of human anatomy! I played this game many times during the period of my online-inactivity. Just recently, I played this game up to opening 93 squares successfully.

Here, you may note the fashion in which I opened the squares. At the 93rd square, there is no move left; 2 blocks in any direction and a block to its left or right. Towards the top-right, there is 64, nothing to the top-left, 68 to the right-up and 92 to the right-down. There are no blocks below 93 at all. And you understand how you may play this game!

So there you go amusing yourself when a system scan is running or you are updating the program!

You can download this post in PDF format from HERE.

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