Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Use advanced search operators in GMail

Searching through your mailbox can be a very tedious task for someone like me who gets more than a hundred or two mails or two, in 24 hours! GMail comes to my help with its advanced search operators that I use to filter out the messages that I don't care to read, like the ones from some mailing lists that haven't removed me from their system even after many mails requesting them to unsubscribe me! I call these, the not-spam spam!
And sometimes I need to look for some info in an old email from some friend! Out of my 23% full Inbox! And some times you have to scan for an email that has an attachment or for one that has none. Here's where advanced search operators come to the rescue.

Advanced search operators are query words or symbols that perform special actions in Gmail search. These operators allow you to find what you're looking for quickly and accurately. They can also be used to set up filters so you can organize your inbox automatically.

You can see all the search operators with GMail at GMail Help Center well organized in a table.

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