Friday, January 26, 2007

MegaUpload Premium Link Generator

MegaUpload Premium link Generator is a very useful tool for bypassing speed limit or waiting time.

You can download multiply files with full speed just like Premium user

Just put MegaUpload download links and hit the “Submit Link to Maker” button

MegaUpload Premium Account Generator

Bypass MegaUpload Restrictions for Mozilla FireFox

First go to firefox/59/
(this link will redirect you on Htts so may be you will have to open a port)

Click Install Now to install addon.

Restart FireFox. Tool-->User Agent Switcher-->Options-->Options

Click User Agents-->Add

Type this:

+ Description: MEGAUPLOAD

+ User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; Alexa Toolbar)

Click OK twice to finish adding User Agent.

From now, before downloading any file on megaupload just go Tools--> User Agent Switcher-->MEGAUPLOAD.

Creating Opera Widgets for your Blog

Today I came across a Tool called Opera Widgets Generator which lets you easily create Widgets for Your Blog.

If you want to create a Widget for your Blog, just follow these steps

Step 1: Go to Opera Widgets Generator and Hit the Create a Widget Button

Step 2: Select a Widget Type (either Advanced or Classic) and click ‘I want this type!’

Step 3: Enter a title for your Widget, Enter the location of your Feed and Choose a nice looking skin. Now hit the ‘Make my Widget’ button

Step 4: You’re Done !! Now publicize your Widgets by add Widgets chicklet to your blog.

Improve your Memory

Do you want to improve your Memory ?

Then read the How to Improve your Memory Tutorial.

This article uses mnemonics tactics along with some other tricks to increase and improve memory capabilities and better memory in general.

Here is the excerpt of that article:

  1. Keep your brain active
  2. Exercise daily
  3. Reduce Stress
  4. Eat Well and eat Right
  5. Take better Pictures
  6. Give yourself time to form a memory
  7. Repeat things you need to learn
  8. Group things you need to remember
  9. Use Mnemonics.
  10. Organize Your Life

Read the complete tutorial here.

Deface your rivals blog

Are you thinking you could someway paint a graffiti on your rival's blog ?? Your dreams have already come true !!

Now Netdisaster gives you a chance to do so. You can draw graffiti, throw some nukes, tomatoes, paintballs or even drop some worms, dinosaurs, aliens, snail and flies and much much more modes of destruction.

Just go to and pick you rivals target URL and select the mode of destruction. Have fun !!

planning to throw some tomatoes on my pages then click here

other effects include flower-power,guns n bloody guns...

explore for more..

Abort ShutDown

You are in some important work when some critical update is going on in the background.
Before you are done with your stuff,the update is complete and initiates a shutdown or a restart.

Here's what you do then.
D'load this batch file and place it on your desktop for easy-hassle free access in case of emergency or anyways

Abort Shutdown.bat