Sunday, February 4, 2007

Install IE7 and WMP11 without WGA check

There is an easy way to install the Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 without the WGA check.
As you all know the Windows Media Player 11 and the Internet Explorer 7 perform WGA checks during installation to make sure the user running the installation has a legitimate version of Windows.
More than 1 million false positive checks have been made thus far which means that many users of legit versions of Windows can’t install the IE7.

All you need to do is edit the hosts file that is in system32\drivers\etc of your windows installation and add the following line to it:

This redirects all request to to your system.
The address is used to perform the WGA check.
Check your All Users/Application Data folder and delete the folder Windows Genuine Advantage if it exists.

Once this is done start the installation of the Internet Explorer 7 and click on Verify during the installation. The connection to the Microsoft server will be redirected to your computer and the installation continues unhindered.

The same hack works for the installation of the Windows Media Player 11 as well.

The freedom is virtual,but its fear-real

The Internet has been known to Indian public for just over a decade but the large impact it has created among this domain is visible even to a blind eye. It has been able to reach people in different walks of life and has become quite a companion in work or at home. It has ushered in the cyberspace that refers to the virtual where homo sapiens communicate and fuse using the medium of Internet technology. The Virtual World has given us almost unlimited freedom if expression,the right to express ourselves as we do in the real world. This has obvious advantages but it can also be damaging if misused. At present,there is concern about the Internet turning into the medium of fear and a clamour for legal checks. But the best filter,says Subimal Bhattacharjee,a cyber security policy expert,would be a balanced and responsible approach towards keeping cyberspace free from unwanted content.
In my view,this is very very important as there is no clear consensus about what should be a standard for online content which touches all geographical,social and cultural entities.
The freedom that i just talked about,the freedom which knows no barriers,the freedom of expression that gets a platform growing wider by each moment,the freedom that could be limited in the real world, as shown by some recent incidents as to where such degree of freedom could lead to.
An NRI posted a video of Gandhi Ji pole-dancing n stripping,titled "Time To Get Sexy". Then we can see "We hate ... ... .." communities on almost every social networking site like Orkut,Hi5,etc.
Cyberspace has given us immense opportunities and so,i think,cynical expressions should not vitilate the atmosphere so much so that all forms of surveillance and censorship rules the medium.
The responsibility lies in greater understanding,not laws and filtration by technology. We should all take lessons towards some mature online expressions.

in the tail,a few content filters for a healthy virtual world:

Good Day,Good Life