Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Force Gmail to Use Secure Connection

This GreaseMonkey user script forces Gmail to use secure connection.

P.S.: Greasemonkey and all GreaseMonkey Scripts are for use with FireFox (browser) only. If you don't have FireFox installed, install it from the Download Firefox button to the left of this page.

Steps for installation::

  1. Download and install Firefox as stated above.
  2. Run Firefox. Install Greasemonkey by visiting this link. Restart Firefox
  3. Install the GmailSecure user-script.
  4. Restart Firefox
The next time you goto Gmail from firefox, this GreaseMonkey script will force it to use a Secure Connection.

A theme for orkut

Here,I present a relief from the Blue-Glue of Orkut with this new theme in Olive Green Color.

P.S.: This theme is only for Mozilla Firefox users. Those who use Internet Explorer or Opera or any other browser can download and install the light-weight Mozilla FireFox with Google ToolBar(for enhanced productivity) Package from the download button to the Left of the page.

Steps for the easy installation::

  1. Download Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar (From the button on the left of this page,if you dont have it pre-installed).
  2. Run Firefox.
  3. Download GreaseMonkey Add-On for Firefox from here. Restart Firefox when its installed.
  4. Download the theme from here. Restart Firefox when it is installed.
And you are done. I am working on more color schemes and removing the flaws that exist in this version, and i will keep you updated.

GoodBye for now.