Saturday, July 21, 2007

So Dissolved in Writing

These days I have started finding more pleasure in my work, practicing what I learn in my classes, trying to use each and every feature that I see in Photoshop CS2. I have kind of started loving to play around with the little Flash I know.

And about this all, I have started WRITING everything down, sometimes in the MS Word and sometimes in my home work notebook. I was just going through the PHP manual (which RT pointed to in his previous post) and I must say, This was the first time after my board exams that I sat for in March, that I wrote so much.

Apart writing for learning,I find myself more engaged in thought-work for those things that I feel I wanna write about (Just as scribbling in this WYSIWYG editor,this very post); documenting what I wanna write down at RT's Untwisted Vortex and what all I wanna share with you,readers, here on techXtreme. Hari has rightly said (On writing and ideas) that "The more you write, the more you want to write". And as his theory of writing goes.

It is an extremely useful technique to clarify vague thoughts, but sometimes writing down ideas can also be very limiting and confined to what can be expressed in words. But I’ve often noticed that even if I have strong and very clear views on a particular subject, I have a lot of difficulty in expressing them in words which convey exactly what I feel about that subject. I’ve often rejected blog posts because on reading them again, I could hardly recognize my own ideas in them. Sometimes one is so engrossed in building up a coherent theme that the real message gets buried. Very often thoughts aren’t easily expressible in coherent terms. And because thoughts = ideas + feelings, they don’t easily translate into a written format.
Hari's actually got a strong point in here. This is exactly how is it! Atleast this is how is it for me.
Such is the vast expanse of the sea of thoughts,of ideas,of views (etc.) in my mind, that I feel like taking up the "challenge of not only accepting complex and inexpressible ideas, but to put them down in simple, understandable language" This is the force with which I am writing (I should say, I have started writing!, instead) This is the force that has now so much dissolved me into it.

But whatever. I am enjoying what I am into and I'll try my best to keep enjoying it. As long as this goes on with me!