Sunday, July 22, 2007

Face of BroadBand in India

I have got myself a BSNL 'Home 900 UL Plus' that offers a speed of 256kbps and unlimited BandWidth for 'INR 900'. There's no cap on amount of data that I can upload or download. But are we there yet?
I guess, No ! The maximum download speed that I have ever seen my connection record is less than 36kbps.

A tech-mag DIGIT in its March edition had nicely put the point forth,

"Hey, watch this hilarious video", says the friend from US, and you click on the YouTube link with all imaginable anticipation. "Its still loading," you say, when said friend asks you whether you have watched it. Now,if your US based friends are something like ours, they'll instantly give in to the temptation to send you a screenshot of their 500KBps (yes, thats kilo bytes) and call it Awww.jpg

With even the prices falling, more options being available, the broadband that we are presented with is just not enough. Some ISP would offer you a 256kbps (kilo bits sadly :-( ) with 500MB cap on upload and download and any further usage than the alloted bandwidth you are charged by the kb. I had in recent past used a
INR 500 plan that had a 1GB upload/download cap. Now what is it for us lazy-potatoes, who think its better to download some album or movie from the net in about a day or two's time rather than go out and buy ourselves a CD. With clear memories in mind, of the huge bill that they handed over to me (about 7000 Indian Rupees) I made a shift to the 900-Unlimited Plan. But the speed is so-pathetically slow that I have stopped uploading any videos to You-Tube or even watching them embedded anywhere! I don't feel any better than before because its like you can't download more than a few GBs of stuff in a month at this speed, for the only thing we got to do is not sitting in front of the PC and monitoring the connection. When it disconnects or stops responding when downloading or uploading a large file.

Someone was(still is! anyway)a fool to offer 2Mbps connection with a data-cap of 1GB.
You may think of it as if a Genie has come out of some magical Chiraag and aks you to make a wish that he'll grant. You ask for heavenly pleasure of using a Hi-Speed connection just for two days and the wish is granted (How much time will you take to do off with just a GB of data at this speed,anyway!)

All we can do is just hope for more. Hope for fatter net-pipes in coming days.
2007, when started, was being dubbed as an 'Year of Broadband' for India. Lets see till where this goes. Till where our ISPs take us and what do they have in store for us. The 7th month is all about to pass away. Will the face of broadband in India change by the end of this year. Let us see!