Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I signed up for PPP!

A friend of mine referred me to this one-of-the-millions online-earning opportunity that actually works for the bloggers!

There isn't just a single reason that I love PayPerPost, there are just many! PayPerPost has come up with a genius idea, this brand new form of ads on blogs which makes it a truly "Consumer Generated Advertising Network". The PPP service is fast and efficient. My blog was just accepted within three working days!

The PayPerPost system is transparent and it effectively verifies the authenticity of Blog-claims prior to registering any. The system, allows in marketplace only an easily navigable Blog that points anyone precisely to any particular Blog-post, being looked for, via the daily archives. I was first rejected because I archived my TechXtreme monthly, but this made me sure that this is finally the opportunity that I was looking for. A system that could distinguish between what is worth the game and what is just useless. This inspired me so much to submit my Blog again after I made the necessary changes. And I was mighty glad I did.

Apart, PayPerPost is an excellent way to make friends as you meet 'n' share opinion with hundreds of like-minded bloggers from around the world! I have just been here for a day as of now, & I admit that "I love it".