Friday, July 27, 2007

The Trojan "Horse": An Introduction


Trojan’s are probably the most compromising of all types of attacks on systems around the world. Trojans are being released by the hundreds every week, each more cleverly designed than the other. I have observed that Trojans are primarily responsible for almost all Windows Based machines being compromised. For those of you who do not know what Trojans are I’ll briefly explain. Trojans are small programs that effectively give “hackers” remote control over your entire Computer.

A few of the features of Trojan Horses are listed here:
  • Open your CD-Rom drive
  • Capture a screenshot of your computer
  • Record your key strokes and send them to the “Hacker”
  • Full Access to all your drives and files
  • Ability to use your computer as a bridge to do other
  • hacking related activities.
  • Disable your keyboard
  • Disable your mouse…and more!
Composition of a Trojan Horse

Almost all Trojans have two parts to them. There is a Client and a Server. The server is the file that would have to get installed on your system in order to have your system compromised.

We'll look at some further aspects of TROJANS later by talking about two of the most popular Trojan Horses. The NetBus and SubSeven

For now, wish you good time reading this.