Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Idea Of A Fully Flash Based WebSite

I was back here in Hoshiarpur (my hometown) for a day and this morning chanced to meet a friend and a computer applications tutor at a local high school on the walk. While walking together, we talked about various things such as the new developments in the school building, changes in the management but all this irrelevant to my niche and the theme of this blog. Anyway, read on and you’ll believe why this needs to be talked about on techXtreme.

As we reached close to his home, just on the road, I asked him about the progress of a project he was assigned by the school authorities, that was to set up an interactive website to let more and more people know about the school and also for putting up resources for the students and teachers at the school. He invited me in for a cup of tea and so that he could show me a glimpse of his work. Ok! Her mother made us some nice tea with flavors of ginger and cardamom. The mix that I myself love to have, when I am at work. Then he showed me his stuff. A whole-flash homepage with flash-buttons linking to further flash pages and tables made using flash. The photo gallery, again a whole flash page, sported some really well laid out photographs of his school and classrooms and the toppers who had been taught and guided by him. There was a feedback and comments, there was a rate-me meter, everything flash and I could judge the spark in his eyes as he showed me the pages and animations page by page and the little smile on his face (I bet there was a bigger one within!) as I genuinely appreciated his designing and layout skills. All said and done, I asked him why he went for an all flash website. And there came the simple answer that all the animation looks good and a well-meaning “interactive” as the school authorities wanted it to be.

Then I asked him sarcastically, “Why is it so fast even when it’s all flash?” to let him know of where he was going wrong despite all of his great work. He didn’t realize all through his efforts that the pages were loading so past because they were still locally present on his computer and not yet uploaded to any external server. But then, he was my friend and I told him to redo a few things and use basic DHTML and CSS with only little Flash so that he could be fast and efficient and, in true sense, “interactive” with the kind of readers he was to have who’d otherwise in all probability will run away seeing the site take ages to load.

I don’t understand why people think of all flash websites when they know that fast internet connections are still not a reality in most of India (read The Face of Broadband in India)

The Idea of a whole-Flash website?!! Definitely a BIG NO!