Friday, September 21, 2007

Categorization of Blog Posts

If your blog is not a collection of Stock-Piles (Stock-piles means consecutive series on a specific topic) then proper categorization of your blog posts is something that you should take care of. This is especially for the starters who write down the first thing that comes to their mind and they think is important.

If you are reading this and have gone through the rest of my blog you sure might have seen that techXtreme isn’t about anything in particular. And that’s why you see a large number of categories in my side-bar so that it’s easy for the readers to navigate through my previous posts of specifically of their interest.

This also helps when you have very less number of posts per page (I have only three posts per page). It’s really cumbersome to keep clicking on the previous posts button or to find through the archives if you don’t remember the day or the time period during which the post was made, that you don’t know in the most of the cases.

For the beginners, I call this sorting out not being a professional writer.

So from now on take care that you properly categorize all your posts and manage your previous posts also. It will certainly give you some more readers and if not, then at least help you to keep the existing readership intact.