Saturday, September 29, 2007

5+ Free Hours of International Calling

Pingo is a global brand of virtual calling cards and internet phone card with amazing low rates. Pingo has NO hidden fee's, NO surprises with the best competitive rates worldwide. Anyone who signs up for this awesome service gets $8 credit as FREE CALLS! This roughly means more than 5 hours of FREE international calling value. An offer, too good to be resisted!

PINGO specially offers "Special phone card blog discount coupon: “ppp3” valid for $3 off Pingo." Besides this special offer, Pingo offers $25 calling cards for as low as $17.

Pingo's business and family plan aims at a virtual globalism, with no equipment to purchase just easy billing and management with amazing bundled savings. Now that is something that can be called a super saver.

Pingo’s RateWatcher™ scheme saves you from the hassle of digging through piles of prepaid calling card offers to see if you're getting really low phone card rate

Pingo Mobile: Saves you up to 90% on your International cell phone calls.

Pingo’s calling card affiliate program pays $15 for each new customer you refer.

Various rates and charges can be had here
I can recall of a similar service that promised something like the same as Pingo does. But all it could get me was some minutes of unclear calling and that too after inviting a hell lot of contacts from my address book and then was greeted with the message that further services come at a premium!
But you can trust Pingo’s reliable network that delivers over 1.1 billion International phone card minutes a month.

Here's why Pingo team thinks you should use Pingo

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Indefinitely Away!

Its being extremely difficult arranging a regular internet connection and I can see techXtreme dying because its being too much time between consecutive posts. I will now be away for an indefinite period of time during which I intend to prepare some nice content, along with arranging a regular internet connection.

Maybe I will scrap this techXtreme thing off and start afresh!
Thats quite undecided yet! But let us see what happens.

See you!