Saturday, November 3, 2007

Unlocking your Apple iPhone is legal !

We see Apple letting no stone unturned to sack anyone who unlocks their iPhone for use with any other network than AT&T. A Belfast-based company that claimed it had developed software to circumvent the locks that prevent the iPhone from being used on networks other than AT&T's was threatened legal action by AT&T somewhere around the end of August.

But it actually comes out that 'unlocking your Apple iPhone' is perfectly legal. Under a 2006 exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, unlocking iPhone so that you can use it on another network is legal and valid but this exemption does not apply to software or software tool distributors. So the question that remains is whether a software tools distributor and softwares used for unlocking are illegal under the DMCA.

Tim Wu, a slate columnist, states

Unlocking Apple's superphone is legal, ethical, and just plain fun

I don't know what part of it is Fun exactly, but anyway.

DMCA,1998 made it illegal to break digital locks to get at copyrighted works. But last year, the librarian of Congress issued an exemption for unlocking for personal use:
As the librarian wrote, the locks "are used by wireless carriers to limit the ability of subscribers to switch to other carriers, a business decision that has nothing whatsoever to do with the interests protected by copyright."
Apple with AT&T may continue "killing-before-they-are-born" their competitors like many other giants, but the seekers will always find a way around. It is that way. Lets wait and see what comes out.

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I Never Knew It Was There With Blogger: Subscribe to Comments

While commenting at a blog I discovered on Blogger, I noticed a check box "Email follow up comments to". I never knew it were there before, or was it just added. Well, its none of my concern that when they added this nifty feature to blogger, but I am glad that they some way and some day did!

I had once commented and also shouted in the shout box of a blogger, just passing by, and I didn't remember the Blog URL to check if there were any replies, till the blogger shouted back in reply to my shout. The shout box service notified about the reply (I don't know what was the name of the service!) but the comment did not. I found out that the comment had been replied to much earlier. I would have probably never seen the reply to my comment had not the shout-back taken me back to the blog.

Thanks and Appreciation!, Google ;)

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Make A Fight With GoogleFight

There are not just a few things to kill time on the Internet. Here is one out of many. is a cool concept, that compares the number of Google search results for two keywords and the keyword returning more number of results is the winner.

Its fun [ ?!~!? ] making a fight between 'Bill Clinton' and 'Monika Lewinsky' or 'Michael Jackson' and 'Janet Jackson' :D. The results are displayed after a brief matrix style animation. I tried comparing Microsoft and Google. Whom do you think might have won?

Google,of course. Here's a snapshot :

Note what the footer says : This site is not affiliated with or sponsored by Google. Atleast some such stuff not by any of the giant corporations.

Have fun making fights here.

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