Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I bought a Domain Name !

It was always so strong a desire that was realized today. I bought a domain name from WhoIs just a few minutes back. What it is? I am going to keep you in suspense for some time. What is it going to be? OK, no more suspense. It is going to be a blog. I'll be importing the entire techXtreme there. It won't be just a tech blog but a place for me to vent whatever I comes to my mind, of course worthy of being written.

Its about 11.30PM now, and mom is shouting. I must sleep now.
Good Night


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StumbleUpon updated to ver 3.15

I just restarted my firefox after taking a short "Counter Strike : Condition Zero" break and my lovely browser detected the Stumble Upon update. The version is now changed from 3.12 to 3.15.

StumbleUpon Changelog lists the following updates:

  • Enables SearchReviews opt-in and configuration options for all users. See:
    toolbar -> Tools -> Toolbar Options -> Configuration tab -> Web Search.
  • Improves Facebook integration.
  • Updates button tooltips
  • Fixes a bug where Yahoo SearchReviews decoration does not appear for some users.
  • Fixes a bug where only the first ten links get SearchReviews decoration on Google News pages.
  • Fixes a bug that could cause the 'Send to' menu to be empty for some users.

integration gives me some more ways to time-pass and the rest of the updates, are clearly useful and welcome for the users facing problems with the previous versions.

Happy Blogging and Happy Stumbling.


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CoolText Logo and Graphics Generator

Spending some free time (Read : killing few hours aimlessly!) sure helps you discover new interesting stuff online.

Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator

Cool Text is an online logo and graphics generator for web pages or any other use you would like to put these logos and graphics to. You can create stylish logos using text and buttons for your website. And they are, indeed COOL. The text can be stylized using any of their 1200-fonts gallery which are also available for download.

This one came from Cool Text:

Like it ?



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