Thursday, November 8, 2007

μTris: Tetris in μTorrent

There is an Easter Egg in μTorrent that I got to know of today from a forum I was surfing.

open μTorrent >>> Goto Help >>> Click About >>> now press 't'

And you'll see this Tetris game called μTris !

So next time you have a movie or song for download, you don't really have to be very free.
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Firefox 3 Beta 1 Leaked Before Release

There are still some days to go for the official release of Mozilla Firefox 3 beta 1, and but someone, who probably has had a strong affinity for this browser-update, leaked out the appearance of the last of the Firefox 3 Beta 1 release candidate builds on Mozilla's public FTP. The word is spreading as a crazy forest fire around the internet when this was (as Mozilla puts it) mistakenly reported on Digg as the official release of the first Firefox 3 Beta.

The release candidate builds have yet not been thoroughly checked by the Firefox QA team, and the updated version of the popular browser is not even ready for a beta release as yet because the process of a beta release is still not anywhere near completion. Mozilla reports that the following steps still need to be finished off before an official beta release (as said here):

Before a release candidate is released to the public we let our Quality Assurance team put it through a bunch of tests (if you’d like to participate in this activity, by the way, you’re absolutely welcome to join our Firefox Beta Test Day on Friday), write release notes, and put together a page that appears when someone first runs the beta to help them understand what’s new and how they can give us their feedback. At the same time, our localization teams make the final translation fixes, and our build team generates versions in as many languages as we have ready to go. The final step is to “sign” the builds digitally, authenticating that they came from Mozilla.

So, if all this needs to be done before a release candidate can actually be handed out to users, why do we put these “release candidate” builds on a public server? Well, because we’re an open source project, and we put all of our builds on public servers.

As of now, the access to the builds has been blocked by HTTP meaning that if you click through the DIGG link, you will be pointed to this page instead of the builds. However they are still on the public FTPs and can be had from here. We can expect the final beta to be out in about a week's time.


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