Friday, November 9, 2007

Can you resist the click? Don’t Click It! is a cool project by Alex, from Germany that has now developed from an experiment into an interface. This is a whole-flash website though it’s lighter than most of the full flash based websites I have come across and uses MySQL database for storage. The interface is designed in a way that you navigate the contents in a different way. There are no buttons or items to click on except for the only one that you can click before entering the project. The menus and options are activated just by hovering over the menu or options. After a few seconds that you have stayed on the project, the system asks for your feedback, by putting a question that do you miss the CLICK? Before you

The project is actually a research based on developing new hassle free way of navigation in which you don’t have to use clicks. Various mouse gestures have been tried like sweeping the mouse over a button or circling it around a button to activate it, though these methods are not without their own limitations.

The coolest thing with it is that the 1st 20 seconds of your movement at the project are recorded. These can then be replayed from the Auto-Pilot section that you can easily find navigating step by step through the site. There were as much as around 5630 recordings at the time I wrote this [in last 5 minutes, which implies.]

Do give this project a few minutes. You may then also post your opinion about it in the crowd-shout section and see what others have to say about it.

Comment for a Digg or a Stumble or a Technorati Favor

On this Diwali, I am going to be very generous [Too Much !?! :p ]...

The idea is simple. Leave a comment with a link to your story or post that you want to submit to digg or have already submitted to digg or some other story that you have dugg and feel like promoting. I will digg it for you [for FREE] as soon as I find it.

Same for a stumble, Just leave a comment with a link to your story or post and I will stumble it.

There is also an offer about Technorati Favorites, that I would like to make. If you favorite me on Technorati, I'll fave you back.


  • Of course,I won't be doing this blindly. I'd read and review it personally and then submit and/or digg,stumble it.
  • I don't require you to do anything in reciprocation. Nothing at all! Any reciprocal support is your personal wish[And I'd appreciate that!].
  • If I personally find any of your content to be offensive, baseless flaming or just spam, I won't be supporting and promoting it in any way.
  • Do not spam! Comments that don't link to a valid user or have invalid links will be removed without notice.

You get a valid link back to your blog or other kind of website when you put your URL in the comment form because I use "dofollow" policy.
[noFollow attributes have been removed from this blog]

Besides, those who spread this word around through a blog-post, get a place in my BLOGROLL, just leave me a comment to let me know!

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Happy Diwali : Here are some gifts for you!

First of all, I'd like to wish all of my readers a very happy festival of lights. May this Diwali bring you lots of joy and happiness. Enjoy it to the fullest, but yes, make it peaceful and play it safe.

I am not bursting any fire-crackers this time, just as I didn't for the last 2 years. They cause both noise and environmental pollution. Besides, they also cause a lots of accidents, so I avoid them. I am going to light only candles around the house.

By this time even, We have received a lots of gifts from friends and relatives. Mom n Dad are leaving to give away gifts, while my younger brother is going to celebrate with his friends. I too feel like giving away so many gifts to my friends, but with an injured right hand, nor can I ride my bike nor drive the car [but yeah, I can type as much as you want me to ;) ]

So, what do I do? Give away gifts here on the internet? Yes, that sounds interesting to me!

So,here are your gifts:

  • Free Diggs on Digg
  • Free Stumbles on StumbleUpon
  • Free Faves on Technorati
All you got to do is leave me a comment to my next post named " Comment for a Digg, Stumble or Technorati Favorite" ! So as a a diwali gift from my side, I'll promote you for free and the icing on the cake is that this offer is not going to close any day!


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