Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Want To Be A Blogger. But The Technicalities!

The consistent blogging that I engaged in, in the last 10 days, gave me immense content with my work(but, I want more, still), many more readers than I ever had before(almost none :grin: ) and a chance to interact with many established personalities in this field, and lot more knowledge about what is going on around the web. I wrote about 2-3 posts everyday during this time (and I want to be able to continue with this, like, forever... But Ah! The technicalities!)

How did I manage to do this? I haven't done it any time before except in January when the excitement of starting a new blog and getting readers is over-powering and you do anything even if you have no time to die! And then in July, when I was done with all of my engineering entrance exams after completing my XII [10+2] Class.

Actually, I didn't do anything this time for being a consistent blogger these 10 days. Its all because of playing cricket. No, there's no direct connection of playing cricket with consistent blogging, and the indirect way is that I got hurt in the right hand while playing and had to skip the skip the sessional exams at college that I'd have otherwise appeared for. I couldn't (and still can not!) hold a pen and write, so I applied for leave at college and came back home (from Chandigarh to Hoshiarpur.) Believe me, I can type at good speeds using both hands & only right hand as well as only left hand. So, as I have literally and practically nothing else to do at home, I am engaged with this stuff seriously.

The Technicalities:::

  1. The wi-fi at college s*cks in a bad way. It never seems to work when I have a free lecture. When it works in a lecture that I plan to use my laptop in, the lecturer [read : Bugger!] always comes up with something that (he/she thinks) is of utmost importance and the demeaning glances they give me force me to shut it down and listen to them even if I don't want to and even if they don't want me to listen to them! When they don't want me to listen to them, it's the concentration of the rest of the class that I have to take care of! It's technical.
  2. I want to be a blogger, but my dad don't want me to be one! According to his theory of dumbness-of-elder-son, he firmly believes that I should not be doing anything that he don't understand. Inclusive of all the frenzied surfing, reading and writing I do on the system for all the time that I find. He's now allergic to the word BLOG, 'cuz its always some form or the other, of this word that he sees on my screen. And for this, I am not even getting a regular internet connection at Chandigarh. Not even when he knows I need Internet for sources and resources for preparing projects and working on assignments.
And this is how, that all the time I am at Chandigarh [where I always am, because that is where I live and where I study!] all I can present myself when I publish 'a post or two' in 'a week or two' is as a MORON experimenting hopelessly and uselessly rather than as a serious blogger, that I want to be and try to be!

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Chosing a subdomain. With or Without dashes?

Netvestor shares a nice trick that you should use while getting yourself a sub-domain. Many free hosting services like tumblr and bravehost offer you a sub-domain for use rather than a domain name[example].

In this case, suppose you are developing a new site on one such platform and suppose your niche is webdesign then most probably you would want your address be something like . By this I imply that you'd like thaat your keywords be the subdomain for you. That helps with Search Engine Optimisation[SEO] and brings you higher in search results.

But sometimes it is hard for a search engine to split your keywords if they are written all together. Although google says they can split your words pretty good, you are still not sure. Adding dashes (or hyphens) will sometimes be necessary to help out the search engine with your words. However, dashes lengthen your website address and also make it harder for users to remember. So you want to use dashes only if you really have to. How can you tell?

To find out if you need dashes in your subdomain name or not go to google and type your keywords (allconnectedtogether). If you get a "Did you mean?" hint from google with your words split up, you are safe to use it without dashes. Otherwise dashes might be necessary.
Neat and Handy.