Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Whosoever made these hates Internet Explorer in a terrible way!

Here's an image I stumbled upon a few minutes ago. Its from some forums, which featured this in a post (Look what's there in the title bar!) :::

And this emoticon forms a part of the signature of the person who posted this!!

Hatred is not healthy, dude! :D
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Microsoft Powerpoint Annoyance: Automatic Layout for Images, Text and AutoShapes

I have got another assignment from my "Fundamentals Of Computer programming & Information Technology" to make a presentation about 'Introduction to Windows and Windows Interface'. Now this is more than easy stuff but I don't like Powerpoint messing with the images that I insert in the presentation. I cut the windows screen shots according to what I think will fit best, but this Auto-Correct feature bugs me! OK, Microsoft don't know it bugs me or maybe it ain't such a problem for majority of Microsoft base, but for those for whom its nothing more than an annoyance, Here's how to set it right :::

  • Choose Tools, then Auto-Correct Options (you'll need to have a presentation, that is a .PPT file, open for this to work.)
  • Navigate to "Auto-Format As You Type" tab.
  • Un-check "Automatic layout for inserted objects"
  • Un-check "Auto Fit title text to placeholder" and "AutoFit body text to placeholder" (unless you prefer to have PowerPoint adjust your text size and line spacing as you add more text to your slides).
  • Click OK

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