Monday, December 3, 2007

No end to creativity! Grand Theft Auto : Punjab

Very! very! amazing! I must say... I love this form of creativity. Most of the times I mess up with any picture document, it mainly is all about my name somewhere there.
This one is awesome! Whosoever made this, is much appreciated...

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Dad's good to me now, but the other technicalities!

A few days back I wrote I want to be a Blogger, but the technicalities. And I mentioned dad wasn't allowing me to have an internet connection here. But this is my December. Dad's already sent some cash to get one connection but now! The other technicalities :::
  • There is no "Airtel" line in my area.
  • There is no "Reliance" line in my area.
  • I am myself worried about my results. Indian Education System has never been to my taste and I am not studying from quite sometime in classes. Its sick!
Though mom's here from 3-4 days and I have once again applied for a "Connect" connection (the verification failed when I applied for the first time all because of the silly Landlord!) I hope to be on the tracks soon. Lets see what happens

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