Monday, December 24, 2007

Join the doFollow brigade: WordPress and Google(Blogger) users

What in the first place is noFollow?

In an attempt to minimize comment spam, the blogging platform you use automatically adds the
attribute to the comments template.
attributes work by not following back the links that a commentator might post in his comments!

SP@M !!! Then why doFollow?

But, I think that all sensible bloggers visit and check out the link(s) posted by their readership. Sometimes it may not be that easy to tell what may be a spam comment but in the general scenario, a comment that is not relevant to the focus of the blog post or is just a link as for forced and undesired (by the blog admin!) promotion; is spotted easily! I believe everyone of us knows how to use the delete function! That is the very basic concept behind the doFollow movement. In these times that the brotherhood culture is spreading across the Blogosphere, help (& self help) and promotion has got entirely a new meaning.

How to gain an entry into the doFollow brigade?

BLOGGER users:

  • Click on Layout from the dashboard written against your blog.
  • Click on the Edit HTML sub-tab under the Template tab.
  • When you're shown your blog template code; check mark the Expand Widget Templates Field.
  • Press CTRL+F and do a search for
  • Remove any occurrence of
    from the template code.

You are now a doFollower!

WordPress users:

WordPress users enjoy far more convenience to be a part of doFollow movement than the Google Blogger users who have to tweak the template code to remove the noFollow attribute from comments/post templates.

  • Google for a large numbers of doFollow plugins available for WordPress,
  • or, download this doFollow plugin by Kimmo Suominen
  • To use this plugin, simply place this file in the wp-content/plugins directory of your WordPress blog!
  • Activate the plugin from the settings of your blog by logging into the wp-admin of your blog!

And voila! you are also a doFollower now!

(Tutorial at the request of RumblingLankan)

Don't forget to use anyone of the "U Comment I Follow" graphic logos on your blog by Randa Clay. Besides that they look cool on your blog, they let everyone know that you are a good blogger buddy!. See (and appreciate!) the one on my blog in the Readers are Valued section in the right sidebar!
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