Thursday, December 27, 2007

Moving to Wordpress Very Soon!

I have been with Blogger/Blogspot for the last one year, and it has not been a bad experience in anyway, but very soon I will be moving to a self-hosted WordPress blog using my own domain. The popularity and versatility of the WordPress blogging platform has always fascinated me.

Everything has already been set up, though a few glitches still exist. Like the errors in importing the posts and comments from techXtreme in the new website. It is most probably to due to the fact that I am on a Windows-based server while WordPress is "most OK" with the LAMP package (Linux-Apache-mySQL-PHP). I am trying something round the simple and suggested default procedure to get everything right with my friend Leo {} and will kick start when everything is all set right.

I haven't started to publicize the new blog, even though the posts and comments till 25th of December are available, because I may need to flush the database as I have lost the access to administration panel and hence its impossible to manage anything like this. It won't be a good idea to ride a horse with no reins. That is why, I won't still be disclosing the site address.

I'll surely post when I am done with the development process or rather, I will redirect this to the new website. Till then stay tuned to techXtreme.

Update::: Alexa rank for techXtreme has jumped higher to 845,692 from 996,735

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