Friday, January 4, 2008

Phase-I of AWESOME WEB LISTINGS successfully accomplished

I am happy with the kind of response I received for the concept of "Awesome Web Listings." I am feeling good after helping so many people especially when they are talking about techXtreme to their fellows. I have got a lot more readers than techXtreme had before, I have more friends than I had earlier, and more activity (comments and opinions) as well. Though Phase-I (50 places for Awesome Blogs) took more time to finish than I expected it to, but this was because of a smaller reader base. I plan to launch the next phase (Phase-II 75 places for AWESOME BLOGS!) anytime soon, so keep a close watch in the days to come. I hope these 75 places go faster than the 50 places that are gone.

Lots of Thanks and congratulations to those who got places in the list, for supporting me and getting links & more authority to your blog, respectively.

Update :::
The Alexa rank has dropped further down to 733,706, I am loving it.
The number of subscribers to the RSS feed [Click here to Subscribe] has rose to 44, from 33.

Off-Beat :::
I had my mathematics exam on 2nd January. But I could not manage to stay away from the laptop. The exam didn't go well, but sure was better than what I expected. Pray for me, that I pass in all subjects. The exams will go on till 21st off January, that has been a major reason behind the infrequent posts by me at techXtreme.

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