Friday, January 4, 2008

Phase-I of AWESOME WEB LISTINGS successfully accomplished

I am happy with the kind of response I received for the concept of "Awesome Web Listings." I am feeling good after helping so many people especially when they are talking about techXtreme to their fellows. I have got a lot more readers than techXtreme had before, I have more friends than I had earlier, and more activity (comments and opinions) as well. Though Phase-I (50 places for Awesome Blogs) took more time to finish than I expected it to, but this was because of a smaller reader base. I plan to launch the next phase (Phase-II 75 places for AWESOME BLOGS!) anytime soon, so keep a close watch in the days to come. I hope these 75 places go faster than the 50 places that are gone.

Lots of Thanks and congratulations to those who got places in the list, for supporting me and getting links & more authority to your blog, respectively.

Update :::
The Alexa rank has dropped further down to 733,706, I am loving it.
The number of subscribers to the RSS feed [Click here to Subscribe] has rose to 44, from 33.

Off-Beat :::
I had my mathematics exam on 2nd January. But I could not manage to stay away from the laptop. The exam didn't go well, but sure was better than what I expected. Pray for me, that I pass in all subjects. The exams will go on till 21st off January, that has been a major reason behind the infrequent posts by me at techXtreme.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year to techXtreme readers

2007 had been a great year blogging at techXtreme with all your support. I wish you all a happy new year, 2008. May you get all the peace, happiness and prosperity you ever desired for.

I am taking a few days off from today till 21st of January, as my final semester exams are starting tomorrow onwards. I would try to write in between, if it would be possible in any case at So keep visiting.

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Position the object in the Center in Photoshop

Some people spend hard time in adjusting a part of graphics in the center when working in Adobe Photoshop; Pressing CTRL+T and adjusting it pixel by pixel after calculating the center from image size, monitoring the rulers and what not.

If you need to position an image in the center of the canvas, you don't need to calculate image parameters and reorganize the image accordingly. All you have to do is to cut the object and paste it back. It will automatically be centered in the image!

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Friday, December 28, 2007

techXtreme is not going anywhere!

I had expressed my eagerness to switch to WordPress as soon as I could, importing all the posts from this blog to (yep, that's the secret,revealed!) and I had almost accomplished that (with lots of help from Leo of, that I am thankful for.) But today, after some deep thinking about the whole process; what it was going to change, what had to be done in order to efficiently manage all the changes it could make across various systems, techXtreme has been indulged in; I have decided to keep techXtreme intact and normally running. I have reverted all the import-jobs at Inspirit Blog from techXtreme and kick-started it afresh!

There are many reasons behind why I have taken this step:

  • I am pretty much in love with techXtreme. I have created and then deleted many blogs till today, but this is the only one that I care the most about, the only one where I enjoyed writing at out of all, the only one that I have worked so hard on. Its the only one that has lasted for so long and has been so well.
  • Its the only blog that has given me real money! I have bought the domain from the money that I earned from this blog! The small though satisfactory success of techXtreme is one of the inspirations for InspiritBlog.
  • It would be messy to redirect the techXtreme page from blogspot to the new domain. The redirect will work fine on the techXtreme's home address, but any links to the individual posts won't work and hence would be lost. Such links to individual posts at techXtreme are spread far and wide on the internet and continue to help hundreds of readers regarding some issue or the other, that has been discussed here.
  • I would have to change the listing of techXtreme at many many services and it would be quite hectic and more of a head ache to do!
  • It would be a challenge to simultaneously maintain two blogs with exclusive content and to develop both of them to success. Community development, gaining and maintaining readership and most importantly learning from both, would be adventurous and fun!
Express your good opinion about it.

And do visit !

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Moving to Wordpress Very Soon!

I have been with Blogger/Blogspot for the last one year, and it has not been a bad experience in anyway, but very soon I will be moving to a self-hosted WordPress blog using my own domain. The popularity and versatility of the WordPress blogging platform has always fascinated me.

Everything has already been set up, though a few glitches still exist. Like the errors in importing the posts and comments from techXtreme in the new website. It is most probably to due to the fact that I am on a Windows-based server while WordPress is "most OK" with the LAMP package (Linux-Apache-mySQL-PHP). I am trying something round the simple and suggested default procedure to get everything right with my friend Leo {} and will kick start when everything is all set right.

I haven't started to publicize the new blog, even though the posts and comments till 25th of December are available, because I may need to flush the database as I have lost the access to administration panel and hence its impossible to manage anything like this. It won't be a good idea to ride a horse with no reins. That is why, I won't still be disclosing the site address.

I'll surely post when I am done with the development process or rather, I will redirect this to the new website. Till then stay tuned to techXtreme.

Update::: Alexa rank for techXtreme has jumped higher to 845,692 from 996,735

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